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Read-Only Property (As Keychain )
KeychainValue = aSystem.Keychain

Supported on Desktop, Web, Console (Mac).

Returns the default Keychain (macOS only).


You can assign the default Keychain by setting this to another Keychain. If no Keychain exists, it will try to create one. If you don't want it to create one, you should first call System.KeyChainCount and check against 0.


The following example adds a KeychainItem for an application and assigns a password.

Var newItem As KeychainItem
If System.KeychainCount > 0 Then
newItem = New KeychainItem
// Indicate the name of the application
newItem.ServiceName = "MyApplication"

// Create a new keychain item for the application and assign the password
System.Keychain.AddPassword(newItem, "SecretPassword")
MessageBox("You don't have a key chain.")
End If

Exception e As KeychainException
MessageBox("Can't add item: " + e.Message)