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For web apps, see WebSeparator.

Class (inherits from RectControl)

Used to add a separator to a window.

Close DragOver MouseExit
ConstructContextualMenu DropObject MouseMove
ContextualMenuAction KeyDown MouseWheel
DragEnter KeyUp Open
DragExit MouseEnter

Active fa-lock-32.png LockRight Tooltip
AllowAutoDeactivate LockTop Top
AllowTabStop MouseCursor Transparent
Enabled MouseX fa-lock-32.png TrueWindow fa-lock-32.png
Handle fa-lock-32.png MouseY fa-lock-32.png Visible
Height Name fa-lock-32.png Width
Index fa-lock-32.png PanelIndex Width
Left Parent Window fa-lock-32.png
LockBottom Scope fa-lock-32.png
LockLeft TabIndex

AcceptFileDrop AcceptTextDrop Invalidate
AcceptPictureDrop Close Refresh
AcceptRawDataDrop DrawInto SetFocus


If the width is greater than the height, the separator is horizontal; otherwise it is vertical. In either case, the smaller value controls the thickness of the Separator, not the thickness of the visible line in the center of the control. Mouse movement events are detected over the entire area of the Separator, not just the visible line.

See Also

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