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Property (As String )
aSegmentedControlItem.HelpTag = newStringValue
StringValue = aSegmentedControlItem.HelpTag

New in 2010r4

Supported for all project types and targets.

The HelpTag associated with the segment.


This example sets the HelpTag of the first segment. It is in the Open event of the SegmentedControl.

Dim s As SegmentedControlitem = Me.Items(0)
s.HelpTag = "This is the first segment."

This example displays the HelpTag when the segmented is clicked. It is in the Action event of the SegmentedControl.

Select Case itemIndex
Case 0
Dim h As SegmentedControlItem = Me.Items(itemIndex)
Case 1
// execute code for this item..
Case 2
// execute code for this item..
MsgBox("some other case happened somehow.")
End Select