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SQLiteDatabase.CreateBlob(tableName As String, columnName As String, row As UInt64, length As UInt64, databaseName As String = "") As SQLiteBlob

Supported for all project types and targets.

Creates a new BLOB column for the specified table and column at the specified row (rowID).


  • The row parameter is the rowid value, and not the actual row number, for example if you only have one record in your database, with a rowid of 100 then you would pass in a row of 100 and not 1 for example.
  • The blob cannot be resized
  • Creating a new blob automatically zeros the entire blob
  • The row must exist when calling CreateBlob, it does not create a new record for you

You can use the Database constants: MainDatabase ("main") and TempDatabase ("temp") as necessary.


This example stores a picture in a BLOB (db is a preexisting database):

Var file As FolderItem
file = FolderItem.ShowOpenFileDialog("")

Var blob As SQLiteBlob
Var dbRowID As Integer = 1
blob = db.CreateBlob("Team", "Logo", dbRowID, file.Length)

If blob <> Nil Then
Var bd As BinaryStream
bd = BinaryStream.Open(file, False)

Var data As String
While Not bd.EOF
data = bd.Read(1000)

If blob.WriteError Then
MsgBox("Error writing to BLOB.")
Exit While
End If

// Do something with the data
End If

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