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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to call a SOAP remote method or function.

Action Timeout WSDL
MethodNamespace URL
ClearParameters LoadWSDLFromURL UseSocket
Invoke Parameter

Constructor(URL as String)


To call a secure web service (using HTTPS), you must supply a secure socket with the SOAPMethod.UseSocket method.

To execute a SOAP service, a WSDL must be set in order to pass the correct parameter values. For example, if the SOAP service provides a function called GetTemp, which takes a Zip Code, you call it as follows:


Sample Code

Note: This is a sample. Public SOAP web services can go offline without notice.

Var wsdl As String = ""

Var sm As New SOAPMethod(wsdl)

Var celsius As String
celsius = sm.FahrenheitToCelsius(80)
// celsius = 26.67

Example Projects

  • Examples/Communication/Internet/SOAPConversionRate
  • Examples/Communication/Internet/SOAPTempConv

See Also

SOAPResult class; SOAPException error.