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Class (inherits from RuntimeException)

SOAPExceptions can be raised when using a WSDL to define your SOAP function. If the method name does not exist or the parameters passed do not match the WSDL specifications, a SOAPException runtime error will be raised.

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Sample Code

This example raises an exception of type SOAPException because the method name "ValidEmail" does not exist in the WSDL. The method should be "isValidEmail". A SOAPException can also be raised by passing in an incorrect number of parameters.

Var sm As SOAPMethod

// create new method and load WSDL document from URL
sm = New SOAPMethod("")

// execute and display function result

// catch exceptions
Exception e As SOAPException
MessageBox("SOAP Error: " + e.Message)

See Also

RuntimeException, SOAPMethod, SOAPResult classes; Exception, Try statements.