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Join Xojo Engineer Paul Lefebvre and special Xojo community guests as they talk about Xojo, technology and more.

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Episode Title Date Description
037 2020 Release 2 Extravaganza December 4, 2020 Xojo Engineers Paul and Travis talk about Xojo 2020 Release 2 and Apple M1 Macs.
036 2020 Release 1 August 31, 2020 Paul and Greg talk about Xojo 2020 Release 1, Web 2.0 and other things.
035 I Might Have Gone a Little Overboard September 5, 2019 Join Paul as he talks with Anthony Cyphers of GraffitiSuite, which won the 2019 Xojo Design Award for Best Developer Tool.
034 Back in Black June 5, 2019 XojoTalk is back with a super-sized episode! Paul and Geoff talk about announcements from WWDC 2019 and more.
033 Talking from Tomorrow September 12, 2017 Paul talks with Wayne Golding of Axis Direct about how his company uses Xojo, Xojo 2017 Release 2, New Zealand and more.
032 Copy, Paste, Search and Replace June 14, 2017 Paul talks with Terry Eutsler, of Softbase Development, Inc, about how he migrated a large enterprise app from VB6 to Xojo, old-school programming, music and more.
031 Virtual Office Rules February 28, 2017 Join Paul as he talks with Dana Brown and Alyssa Foley, the two women that keep Xojo running, as they talk about how they came to Xojo, working from home, being full-time working moms, XDC and favorite TV shows.
030 We Like Our Customers October 25, 2016 Join Paul as he talks with Xojo founder and CEO Geoff Perlman about XDC 2016, macOS Sierra, iOS 10, iPhone 7, Airpods and possible new Macs.
029 I Went to High School with the Apple File System Guy September 26, 2016 In this special episode of XojoTalk, the tables are turned as XojoTalk host Paul Lefebvre is interviewed by Tim Dietrich.
028 Email is not a Project Management Tool August 30, 2016 Join Paul as he talks with Susan Fennema of Beyond the Chaos. Susan helps small business owners control their lives through better process, organization, and structure of the business operations and projects. There is some great advice in this episode that should apply to almost everyone!
027 Database Goddess July 26, 2016 Paul talks with Carol Keeney of BKeeney Software about databases, requirements analysis, agile/scrum and much more.
026 Happened by Accident June 28, 2016 Paul talks with Tom Catchesides of Light Blue Software about how he started using Xojo, the experience of migrating a FileMaker app to Xojo, surnames and retro computers. Don’t miss this fun-filled episode!
025 Toughest thing is the substitutions May 24, 2016 In this episode of XojoTalk, Paul talks with Jim Meyer, who uses Xojo for NCAA stat tracking, home automation, workflow automation and much more.
024 Figure out stuff on my own April 26, 2016 In this episode of XojoTalk, Paul talks with Kimball Larsen who uses Xojo to create acupuncture software called AcuGraph.
023 Take a Walk April 6, 2016 Join Paul as he talks with forum poster extraordinaire, Michel Bujardet!
022 I Like Things That Just Work February 23, 2015 Paul talks with Tim Parnell, creator of several Xojo add-ons and active Xojo forum contributor.
021 Enterprise Consulting January 26, 2015 Paul talks with Arthur Couture and Tom Rupprecht of ICAL Systems, a consulting company that does enterprise software development using Xojo.
020 Spoiler Alert December 29, 2015 In this special episode of XojoTalk, Paul talks Star Wars The Force Awakens with Bob Keeney and Marc Zeedar. The first few minutes are spoiler-free, but the rest of the podcast is spoiler-filled, so go see The Force Awakens first!
019 Ghost Touches November 17, 2015 Paul and special guest Geoff Perlman continue their conversation from last month's Xojo Talk 018 "Not The Pi You Eat", this time changing gears to talk about the new OS releases from the past few months.
018 Not the Pi You Eat October 20, 2015 Paul and special guest Geoff Perlman talk about the new features in Xojo 2015 Release 3 plus a a bonus announcement at the end.
017 I Keep My Secrets to Myself September 8, 2015 Paul talks with Bruno Frechette and Jonanthan Guillemette of PJJ Productions.
016 Magical Toolkit August 5, 2015 Paul talks with Craig Boyd, Xojo developer and Data Architect. Craig also writes the database column for xDev Magazine.
015 Type my password like an animal July 1, 2015 Paul talks with Justin Elliott, IT and Development Manager at Penn State University.
014 Software Maniacs June 16, 2015 Paul talks with Ken Whitaker, the Managing Director of Leading Software Maniacs, an expert in leadership, project management and Agile development.
013 Hockey Programmer June 2, 2015 Paul talks with Mike Cotrone, owner of Intelligent Visibility, makers of some powerful networking apps that are all created with Xojo.
012 Shipping is a feature May 26, 2015 Paul talks with Paul Levine, maker of EverWeb, the Mac (and soon Windows) Web site builder.
011 The forum is my personal training ground April 9, 2015 Paul talks with Tim Hare of Telios Systems Company.
010 Strap a Mac Pro to my wrist March 24, 2015 Paul talks with Tim Dietrich a newcomer to the Xojo development world.
009 It's my dog March 11, 2015 Paul talks with Xojo Senior Engineer Norman Palardy.
008 Really Wicked February 25, 2015 Paul talks with Hal Gumbert, Xojo developer and owner of Camp Software.
007 Snowgun February 10, 2015 Paul talks with Xojo developer and Linux aficionado Kevin Cully.
006 I have no idea what you're talking about January 27, 2015 Paul talks with long-time Xojo developer Kem Tekinay.
005 Where's My Column? January 15, 2015 Paul talks with Marc Zeedar, publisher of xDev, the Xojo Developer Magazine. Topics include the magazine, publishing formats, iOS, pricing apps, iOS, the App Store and more.
004 Grizzled Veterans December 17, 2014 Paul talks with Xojo engineer Travis Hill.
003 Developer of Long Standing November 11, 2014 Paul talks with Eric Gibbon, a long-time Xojo developer and one of the organizers of the Xojo Users' Group UK Conferences.
002 That's A Lot Of Tens October 7, 2014 Paul talks with Bob Keeney, a long-time member of the Xojo community and founder of BKeeney Software.
001 Shoving Phones In Their Pockets September 23, 2014 In this initial episode of the XojoTalk podcast, Xojo Developer Evangelist Paul Lefebvre is joined by Xojo founder and CEO Geoff Perlman. Topics include Xojo for iOS, Microsoft buying Mojang (Minecraft), the 2015 Xojo Developer Conference and the Apple iPhone, Pay and Watch event.