2021r3.1 Release Notes

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This release has important improvements to Xojo 2021r3.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes

66894Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionConverting controls that have an unknown baseclass (typically when that baseclass doesn't exist in the project, for example when an external item isn't located), no longer throws an exception.
66778Framework » DesktopA DesktopCanvas, that’s embedded on a Container, now fires the DoublePressed event correctly.
66780Framework » DesktopDesktopListBox now fires CellFocusReceived and CellFocusLost events.
66790Framework » DesktopBuilt apps with Workers no longer raise an IllegalCastException on Windows/Linux when running projects that use DesktopApplication.
66928Framework » DesktopThe last parameter for DesktopUIControl.Refresh with x,y,width,height,immediately is now optional as documented.
66690Framework » WebWeblistbox sorts properly again.
66779Framework » WebWeb applications should no longer disconnect after 140 seconds.
66841Framework » WebFix an issue with our EventSource implementation which caused the app to disconnect prematurely.
66846Framework » WebWebImageViewer pressed event fires again when placed on a TabPanel or PagePanel.
66862Framework » WebFixed a bug in the retrieval of data from a Weblistbox datasource.
66903Framework » WebWebImageViewer again fires its Pressed event on touch enabled devices that also accept mouse input.
66612Framework » WindowsHTMLViewer.ExecuteJavaScriptSync can now return booleans, integers and doubles correctly, instead of returning back Nil.
66755Framework » macOSDesktopPopupMenu.SelectionChanged event no longer fires needlessly when the SelectedRowIndex doesn't change.
66083IDE » Layout EditorLocked position badge no longer bleeds through TabPanels/PagePanels.
66890IDE » Layout EditorAssigning a ColorGroup to plugin controls (DesktopBevelButton for example) now reflects the change in the layout editor.
66891IDE » Layout EditorIDE now picks up initial ColorGroup property values that are defined for plugin controls.
66735IDE » Menu EditorRemoving all items from a menubar and then adding a new item now chooses the right super based on the super of the App class.
66895IDE » MiscellaneousFixed Desktop control conversion of Color properties (most likely seen when loading up XML projects).
64582IDE » RenderingRunning iOS projects on M1 Macs with Extensions Visible now works.
19 Bug Fixes

Docs and Examples

66642ExamplesPDF-TOC-Example project version fixed.
1 Docs and Examples