2019r3.1 Release Notes

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(Jan 23, 2020)

This release has important improvements to Xojo 2019r3.

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes (18 cases)

Case Area Description
57978 Database Plugins » ODBC ODBCDatabase.SelectSQL no longer leaks SQL handles which caused issues once we've reached the driver limit on these.
58739 Database Plugins » SQLite DatabaseRow no longer leaks objects/memory.
58540 Framework » All Color.CMY alpha parameter should be an Integer and default to 0 to match deprecated CMY global method.
58649 Framework » All TextArea.SelectionAlignment now accepts TextAlignments enum values.
58672 Framework » All String.IndexOf now properly matches its signature in certain cases (usually when you leave off the startPosition, but include ComparisonOptions or Locale.
58698 Framework » All Added new Crypto.PBKDF2 function that takes Crypto.HashAlgorithms instead of the deprecated Crypto.Algorithm.
58702 Framework » All If an empty name is supplied to the TimeZone constructor, create an instance for the current timezone.
58781 Framework » All String.LastField method is now working.
58796 Framework » All DatabaseRow no longer leaks memory, and now has a Column method that takes a Variant assignment. This is the optimized version that can be used in place of the other Column method which returns a DatabaseColumn object.
58824 Framework » All SerialConnection.Connect no longer raises an Error event, it should only be raising an Exception.
58844 Framework » All DateTime no longer reports a Nil TimeZone (depending on how it was created, for example with App.ExecutableFile.ModificationDateTime).
58757 Framework » Windows Multiple WebKit based HTMLViewers on a window (or more obvious on multiple windows) no longer continuously switch focus.
58593 Framework » iOS Fixed a regression which caused text in iOSTextAreas to overflow its bounds when the border was set to None or Rectangular.
58635 Framework » iOS iOSView headers no longer show the previous view underneath during the pushTo animation.
58740 Framework » iOS Add Operator_Compare to ColorGroup so that the current state can be compared against a Color value.
58832 Framework » macOS Setting FolderItem.Visible no longer inverts the visibility.
56463 IDE » Miscellaneous Project items deleted from a project are now properly marked as changed when restored with an undo command so that they get saved.
57819 Plugin SDK Accessing the new API2.0 String extension methods, as well as the Integer/Double/etc. To/From string conversion functions from within a plugin now works.

Docs and Examples (1 case)

Case Area Description
58823 Language Reference » Documentation Corrected the name parameter to a String on the DatabaseRow.Column doc page.