2019r2.1 Release Notes

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(Nov 20, 2019)

This release has important improvements to Xojo 2019r2.

Notable changes:

  • DatabaseRow.Column now returns a DatabaseColumn which can be used to obtain and set the column values. Other column methods have been removed.
  • Events have been reverted back to their pre-r2 names to make it easier to move between 2019r2.1 and prior versions. The IDE will automatically change any API 2.0 events back to the prior names when a project is loaded. If there are two events with the same purpose in a project (such as Open/Opening) they will be left alone so you can review the code and remove the now-unneeded additional event. You will need to adjust code that is moved from Toolbar.Pressed and Toolbar.MenuSelected back to Action and DropDownMenuAction due to different event parameter names.
  • Deprecations with replacements no longer show warnings by default. When you want to see the API 2.0 deprecations warnings for a specific project, go to Project->Analysis Warnings and select "Item1 is deprecated. You should use Item2 instead.".

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Release Notes

Bug Fixes

57875CompilerRemoveAllRows no longer crashes in certain circumstances, for example when referenced as a Window property using Self.Array.RemoveAllRows.
57901CompilerAnalyze project now reports Ubound(array) syntax as deprecated.
57998Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE Database Editor no longer throws exceptions when dropping table columns.
58212Crashes & Assertions » IDE Unhandled ExceptionIDE no longer crashes when building the SuperClass contextual menu for a 3rd partly plugin control.
58076Database PluginsRowSet.RowCount now raises an UnsupportedOperationException if getting the row count is not supported by the database (instead of returning -1).
57914Database Plugins » MySQLMySQLCommunityServer: LastInsertedID is now LastInsertedRowID as documented.
58029Database Plugins » ODBCODBCDatabase no longer leaks objects when binding parameters to prepared statements.
57976Database Plugins » SQLiteRowSet.ColumnAt and RowSet.Column no longer leaks a RowSet object.
57696Framework » AllOptimized Dictionary in the case where a custom key comparison delegate is used.
57760Framework » AllDeprecated FolderItem.TrueItem now correctly shows ChildAt as the replacement.
57789Framework » AllColor picker on 10.15 should no longer subtly change the color when the user doesn't change anything.
57815Framework » AllDeprecated Picture.Save method now points to overloaded Save replacement.
57817Framework » AllDeprecated Thread state constants now show corresponding ThreadStates enum value replacement.
57823Framework » AllShell controls no longer lose their mode when saving/reloading a project.
57916Framework » AllAdded missing SerialDevice.LastIndex shared property.
57945Framework » AllSerialConnection.Connect no longer fails to connect.
57948Framework » AllPicture.HasAlphaChannel is no longer marked as deprecated, also removed IsAlphaChannel.
57960Framework » AllOptimized FolderItem iteration (when using FolderItem.Children).
57974Framework » AllExecuteSQL and SelectSQL no longer creates unnecessary prepared statements if no parameters are passed in. This allows multi-statements to be run.
57979Framework » AllMSSQLServerDatabase and ODBCDatabase: Creating prepared statements no longer leaks, this also affected ExecuteSQL and SelectSQL.
58008Framework » AllAdded ExecuteSQL to PreparedSQLStatement.
58034Framework » AllRowSet column values that are date/timestamps are now returned as DateTime instead of the deprecated Date class.
58066Framework » AllSSLSocket: Error event no longer missing RuntimeException parameter.
58070Framework » AllFixed SegmentedButton.RemoveSegmentAt function definition to include an index parameter.
58095Framework » AllA Variant DateTime to Auto conversion now works instead of raising a failed assertion.
58192Framework » AllLabel Text Alignment constants are now marked as deprecated.
58208Framework » AllDateTime.FromString is no longer as lenient in how it parses the date/time, i.e. incorrect values will now raise an exception instead of the parser trying to determine if months/days/years should roll over.
58220Framework » AllNo longer leaking Database objects when they go out of scope or are set to Nil.
58317Framework » AllThe value for SSLSocket.SSLConnectionTypes.SSLv23 has been corrected.
55632Framework » WindowsWebkit based HTMLViewer now renders correctly on a DoubleBuffered ContainerControl.
57603Framework » WindowsURLConnection no longer consumes 100% CPU while stopped in the debugger (may also affect built apps if one of the URLConnection events takes a long time to complete).
57949Framework » WindowsURLConnection: If the server is configured to request an optional client certificate, the request no longer fails with an Error event being raised on Windows.
57964Framework » WindowsConsecutive AddArc drawing now draws at the correct offset and connects with its previous end point.
58025Framework » WindowsA BevelButton with width/height less than or equal to 0 no longer raises a failed assertion (this could happen in the IDE or at Runtime).
58142Framework » WindowsNative HTMLViewer.LoadPage now works again instead of displaying an error/cancelation page.
57799Framework » macOSWindow.ShowModal now correctly repositions the window according to the bounds set.
57865Framework » macOSFix drag handling freeze on older (< 10.12) versions of macOS.
57907Framework » macOSSpotlightItem.File no longer raises an UnsupportedFormatException.
57952Framework » macOSPassing parameters to FolderItem.Launch now works again.
58143Framework » macOSGetting the FolderItem.Parent for Volume roots now returns Nil which matches the behavior of 2019r1.1.
58188Framework » macOSSupport a few missing folder types when using SpecialFolder.GetFromDomainAndCode. Also if a folder type isn't supported we return Nil instead of always returning a FolderItem that points to ~/Library.
57303IDE » FileIOCopyFilesSteps on Windows now work when the application name includes one or more unicode characters.
57710IDE » FileIOBevelButton, PopupArrows, and a few other internal plugin controls, now correctly saves and loads the new property changes made in the Inspector.
57897IDE » FileIOTextField.HasBorder now saves its value properly.
57803IDE » InspectorThe IDE no longer crashes on macOS 10.15 when you click on a color swatch in the inspector and then navigate to another control before closing the color picker.
58156IDE » InspectorControls added to a pre-2019r2 project using 2019r2 now transfer their property values correctly to the deprecated properties.
58233IDE » InspectorSSL Connection Type property shows in the inspector again for SSLSocket and its subclasses.
58122IDE » LicensingLicense Agreement dialog no longer fails when macOS locale set to UK with 12 hour time format.
46871IDE » Menu EditorMenu editor no longer renders items fuzzy at HiDPI scale factors on Windows/Linux.
57634IDE » NavigatorConverting control set events to API 2 in the navigator now works.
58043Plugin SDKUsing shared properties and methods on a Plugin Control now compiles correctly instead of raising errors.
51 Bug Fixes


58075Framework » AllAdded an optional parameter to DateTime.Now that lets you specifiy a TimeZone.
1 Changes

New Items

56816Framework » AllAdded Window.Controls As Iterable. Use this in a For Each loop to iterate through all the controls on the Window.
57947Framework » AllAdded new methods to FolderItem that will raise exceptions:
  • CreateAsFolder => CreateFolder
  • CopyFileTo => CopyTo
  • MoveFileTo => MoveTo
  • Launch => Open
58078Framework » AllRemoved duplicate API 2 event names.
58260Framework » AllDatabaseRow.Column now returns a DatabaseColumn which can be used to obtain and set the column values.
57953IDE » FileIOAdded compatibility flags for API 1 and API 2 to help when developing libraries which need to have elements specific to old and new APIs.
5 New Items

Docs and Examples

58298DocumentationUpdated System Requirements page to note macOS Catalina 10.15 and iOS 13 are supported.
58159Language Reference » DocumentationCorrected sample code for assigning a value using ODBCDatabase.ConnectionAttribute method.
58222Language Reference » DocumentationIterable page now links to Iterator page.
3 Docs and Examples