2015r3.1 Release Notes

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(November 10, 2015)

This release fixes important issues found in Xojo 2015r3.

Release Notes

Bug Fixes (12 cases)

Case Area Description
41222 Build Fixed a bug where generating code for 64-bit or ARM would fail on Windows but think it succeeded.
41372 Build IDE no longer raises an exception when compiling when there is a conflict between a type that would be import by a Using clause and a type in user code.
41255 Compiler Fixed an assertion that would occur when a script assigned to and read from a property defined in the context object.
41235 Framework » Web WebRadioGroups now work in 64-bit apps.
41324 Framework » Web Javascript error dialog appears in front of all controls again.
41390 Framework » Web Fixed a NilObjectException that could occur when Picture/WebPicture was used on a subclass of WebControl.
40982 Framework » Windows Fixed a regression with threads that could lead to failed assertions in RuntimeThread.cpp.
41292 Framework » Windows Calling ShowModal on a OpenDialog, SaveAsDialog, or SelectFolderDialog now presents the dialog as a modal window again (regression in 2015r3).
41343 IDE » Database Editor Creating a new SQLite database from Insert->Database->New SQLite Database, now works again.
41428 IDE » FileIO File Type Set UTIs are correctly retained by the IDE when saving Text projects.
41009 IDE » Layout Editor Dragging any of the subclasses of SSLSocket (HTTPSecureSocket, SMTPSecureSocket) that have folder item properties onto a layout no longer causes a compilation error.
41420 IDE » Scripting Using a build script correctly updates the build window caption.

Change (1 case)

Case Area Description
41320 IDE » Code Editor Optimized menu and toolbar processing to improve performance of typing in the Code Editor.