2015r2.1 Release Notes

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(April 22, 2015)

This release fixes a few important issues found in 2015r2.

Release Notes

38979 Compiler Error dialog no longer blinks into existence and then out on Windows.
38928 Compiler Fixed a failed assertion that occurred when building a project that had a database in it.
39020 Framework » iOS All: Fixed a bug where comparing an empty Text against an empty Text literal would return an incorrect result.
38576 Framework » Macintosh File types are no longer written with everything as “exported types” which causes some file types to not get recognized by OS X.
38973 Framework » Windows Non-WAV based sound files dragged into the project now Play properly again.
38929 IDE » Layout Editor Image sets now properly reload into the TabView editor.
38982 IDE » Layout Editor TabView icons which use Image Sets now render at the correct size.
38921 IDE » Navigator Deleting an event implementation from a control on iOS actually removes it so its no longer rendered out
38977 IDE » Navigator Image sets now load properly from projects in version control format.
9 Bug Fixes
9 total items