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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to display a picture on a report. Used by the Report Layout Editor.

AfterPrinting BeforePrinting

Alignment DataField Stretch
BackColor Image


The Report Editor can print pictures that are stored in a SQLite Database. Use a ReportPicture in a Report Editor form. SQLiteDatabase stores pictures in Binary fields but the reporting engine can convert the contents of a Binary field so that the picture can be imaged. The user does not need to do anything special to use a ReportPicture field.

To print a picture from a SQLiteDatabase, assign the field name to the DataField property of a ReportPicture. Deselect the Stretch property if you want the image to appear at 100% and set the alignment property if the pictures do not take up all the area of the ReportPictures.

See Also

Reports module; RBReportDocument, Report, ReportField, ReportLabel, ReportLineShape, ReportOvalShape, ReportRectangleShape, ReportRoundRetangleShape classes.