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Replaces the line endings in the passed String with the specified line ending.


result=ReplaceLineEndings (SourceString, LineEnding)

Part Type Description
result String A copy of sourceString with the new line endings replacing the original line endings.
SourceString String The original string.
LineEnding String The line ending used to replace the line endings in SourceString.


ReplaceLineEndings does a global search-and-replace for the end of line characters in SourceString using the specified line ending as the replacement string. The search automatically recognizes Windows, Macintosh, and Unix line endings. Use this function to make multiline (or multi-paragraph) text compatible across platforms. The easiest way to specify the replacement line ending is with the EndOfLine class.


This example replaces the line endings in the text in a TextField with Windows line endings.

Dim s As String
s = ReplaceLineEndings(TextField1.Text, EndOfLine.Windows)

See Also

EndOfLine class.