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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to get the starting position, length, and end position of a StyleRun.

EndPosition fa-lock-32.png Length StartPosition


A StyleRun is a series of characters with the same style attributes in a StyledText object. A block of StyledText can be thought of as a group of StyleRuns that are appended to each other. Use the Range class to access the position of a StyleRun within the styled text.


The following example loops through the StyleRuns in a block of StyledText that is displayed in a TextArea. It uses the StartPos and Length properties of the Range class to get the position of each StyleRun and displays it and the text of each StyleRun in a ListBox.

Var count As Integer
count = TextArea1.StyledText.StyleRunCount // get the number of StyleRuns
For i As Integer = 0 To count - 1
ListBox1.CellTextAt(i, 1) = Str(TextArea1.StyledText.StyleRunRange(i).Length)
ListBox1.CellTextAt(i, 2) = TextArea1.StyledText.StyleRun(i).Text

See Also

Paragraph, StyledText, StyleRun classes; TextArea control.