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Property (As PictureBrush.Modes )
aPictureBrush.Mode = newPictureBrush.ModesValue
PictureBrush.ModesValue = aPictureBrush.Mode

Supported for all project types and targets.

The mode to be used when drawing the Image in the drawing.


Not all modes are supported on all platforms. See the Modes enumeration for details.

Setting this property to a mode that is not supported on the OS upon which the app is running will result in an UnsupportedFormatException occurring.

Sample Code

In this example, the Mode of the PictureBrush is set to Tile in the Paint event of a Canvas:

Var pb As New PictureBrush
pb.Image = Moon
pb.Mode = PictureBrush.Modes.Tile

See Also

PictureBrush.Modes enumeration.