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Shared Method

Picture.SystemImage(name as String, size as Double, weight as Picture.SystemImageWeights = SystemImageWeights.Regular, templateColor as ColorGroup = Nil, fallbackTemplateImage as Picture = Nil) As Picture

New in 2020r2

Supported on iOS.

Retrieves an SF Symbol on iOS 13+ and optionally colorizes it with the option of supplying a fallback template image for older versions of iOS, which will also be colorized.


There are over more than 1500 system symbol images available for use with iOS 13+. To browse the available symbol images, use the Apple SF Symbols viewer app.

Sample Code

Draws a moon:

Var moon As Picture = Picture.SystemImage("moon", 50)
g.DrawPicture(moon, 0, 0)

See Also

Apple SF Symbols viewer app