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Class (inherits from Graphics)

New in 2020r1

A Graphics object that can be used for drawing to a PDFDocument.

Bold FontSize LineJoin
CharacterSpacing FontUnit Outline
DrawingColor Height fa-lock-32.png PenSize
Font Italic Transparency
FontAscent fa-lock-32.png LineCap Underline
FontName LineDashOffset Width fa-lock-32.png
ClearRectangle DrawRoundRectangle ResetState
ClipToRectangle DrawStopIcon RestoreState
DrawCautionIcon DrawText Rotate
DrawLine FillOval SaveState
DrawNoteIcon FillPath Scale
DrawOval FillRectangle TextHeight
DrawPath FillRoundRectangle TextWidth
DrawPicture LineDash Translate
DrawRectangle NextPage


PDFGraphics is a subset of the methods and properties available in the Graphics class. Because PDFGraphics is a subclass of Graphics, you can pass a PDFGraphics object to methods that expect a Graphics object.

This class does not support Introspection.

See Also

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