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Class (inherits from Graphics)

New in 2020r1

A Graphics object that can be used for drawing to a PDFDocument.

AntiAliased FontName LineDashOffset
Bold FontSize LineJoin
CharacterSpacing FontUnit PenSize
DrawingColor Height fa-lock-32.png Underline
Font Italic Width fa-lock-32.png
FontAscent fa-lock-32.png LineCap

ClearRectangle DrawRoundRectangle ResetState
ClipToPath DrawStopIcon RestoreState
ClipToRectangle DrawText RestoreState
DrawCautionIcon FillOval Rotate
DrawLine FillPath SaveState
DrawNoteIcon FillRectangle SaveState
DrawOval FillRoundRectangle TextHeight
DrawPath Handle TextWidth
DrawPicture LineDash Translate
DrawRectangle NextPage


PDFGraphics is a subset of the methods and properties available in the Graphics class. Because PDFGraphics is a subclass of Graphics, you can pass a PDFGraphics object to methods that expect a Graphics object.

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