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Class (inherits from Database)

Use with the Oracle plug-in to connect to an Oracle database.

Debug MultiThreaded


Oracle 8i and above are supported. The Oracle OCI client 9i or later must be installed.

In order to use this class, you must have the OraclePlugin database plug-in in your plugins folder.

The OracleDatabase engine supports all four RecordSet navigation methods: MoveFirst, MoveNext, MovePrevious, and MoveLast.


SQLSelect and SQLExecute statements do not block when called from within Threads.

Connect to Oracle from CGI Web Applications on Linux

A CGI web application is launched by a Perl script. Since the Oracle plugin needs to be able to access the Oracle OCI libraries, you may need to alter the Perl script to make sure that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH is properly configured. Adding this command to the Perl script is sometimes necessary:


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Xojo Cloud

Oracle databases cannot be accessed from Xojo Cloud.


In order to use OracleDatabase, you need to install the Oracle Instant Client which can be downloaded from here:

You'll also need to make sure that your system path contains the folder with the Oracle Instant Client.

Sample Code

The following code connects to an Oracle Express database hosted at

db = New OracleDatabase

db.UserName = "SYSTEM"
db.Password = "dbexample"
db.Debug = 1

MessageBox("Connected to Oracle!")
Catch error As DatabaseException
MessageBox("Error connecting to Oracle: " + error.Message)
End Try

See Also

Database Class, DatabaseRow, OracleSQLPreparedStatement, PreparedSQLStatement, RowSet classes.