Operator Power

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Used to overload the ^ operator, providing custom functionality.


Create an Operator_Power function in a class to specify the functionality of the ^ operator for that class. When you use the ^ operator in your code to operate on two instances of the class, your Operator_Power function will be called.

In the function, the Self instance the left operand and the other operand is passed as a parameter. The Self instance is raised to the power specified by the passed instance.

Sample Code

Using the Vector class (see Operator_Add) with two Integer elements, x and y, we define an Operator_Power function that raises the sum of the Self instance to the power of the passed instance.

Function Operator_Power(rhs As Vector) As Integer
Var a, b As Integer
a = Self.x + Self.y
b = rhs.x + rhs.y

Return a ^ b
End Function

See Also

^ operator; Operator_PowerRight function.