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MobileRectangle.SetEffect(blurStyle as MobileRectangle.BlurStyles, vibrancyStyle as MobileRectangle.VibrancyStyles = VibrancyStyles.None, vibrantContent as MobileContainer = Nil)

Supported on Mobile.

Sets the blur effect for the rectangle.


  • blurStyle as MobileRectangle.BlurStyles - The type of blur. The BlurStyles enum defines 21 different styles, the first 6 work on all supported versions of iOS (10-13) styles 7-21 were introduced with iOS 13 and will only work on those devices.
  • vibrancyStyle as MobileRectangle.VibrancyStyles - Specifies the type of vibrancy you'd like to use with this rectangle. iOS 10-12 support two of the eight styles (Label and Fill) whereas iOS 13 supports all eight styles.
  • vibrancyContent as iOSContainer - the content that you'd like to have exhibit vibrancy within the rectangle.

In order for the effect to take place, the background color of the parent view must to be set to clear. For example: ParentRectangle.FillColor = Color.Clear