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Class (inherits from GraphicsBrush)

New in 2020r2

Creates an image consisting of a progressive transition between two or more colors along a straight line.

EndPoint GradientStops() StartPoint


Sample Code

This code in the Paint event of a Canvas draws an oval filled with a linear gradient:

Var linearBrush As New LinearGradientBrush
linearBrush.StartPoint = New Point(0, 0)
linearBrush.EndPoint = New Point(g.Width, g.Height)
linearBrush.GradientStops.Add(New Pair(0, Color.Red))
linearBrush.GradientStops.Add(New Pair(0.4, Color.Yellow))
linearBrush.GradientStops.Add(New Pair(0.7, Color.Magenta))
linearBrush.GradientStops.Add(New Pair(1.0, Color.Blue))

g.Brush = linearBrush
g.FillOval(0, 0, g.Width, g.Height)


Desktop and iOS project types on all supported operating systems.

See Also

Graphics.Brush property, PictureBrush, ShadowBrush, and RadialGradientBrush classes.