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Keyboard.Keyname(keycode as Integer) As String

New in 5.5

Supported for all project types and targets.

Returns as a String the name of the keycode passed.


Refer to the Keyboard Notes to a list of key codes.

This returns a value that indicates the character the key produces. In most cases, special keys will be named as follows: Esc, Tab, CapsLock, Shift, Control, Option, Alt, Command, Win, Return, Enter, Space, Fn, Delete, Backspace, Help, Insert, Home, PageUp, Del, End, PageDown, F1 through F15, PrintScreen, ScrollLock, Pause/Break, Clear, NumLock, KP=, KP/, KP*, KP-, KP0 through KP9, Up, Left, Down, and Right.


The following example returns the name of character &h7D. It is the Down arrow key.