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Indicates whether the value passed is numeric.



Part Type Description
result Boolean True if arg is numeric; False otherwise.
arg Variable, value, or object whose data type is being investigated.


A common usage of IsNumeric is to determine whether a user entered a string that can be converted to a number.

Strings greater than 127 characters always return False.


If the value passed to IsNumeric is a String that contains the string version of a number, then IsNumeric returns True. For example this code returns True:

Var b As Boolean
b = IsNumeric("3.1416")

This code returns False:

Var b As Boolean
b = IsNumeric("Hello")

Check a user-entered string:

Var value As Double
Var b As Boolean
b = IsNumeric(TextField1.Text)
If b Then
value = TextField1.Text.ToDouble
End If

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