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Class (inherits from RectControl)

Draws a group box control that is typically used as a parent of other controls.

Close DropObject MouseExit
ConstructContextualMenu KeyDown MouseMove
ContextualMenuAction KeyUp MouseUp
DragEnter MouseDown MouseWheel
DragExit MouseDrag Open
DragOver MouseEnter
Active fa-lock-32.png Italic Scope fa-lock-32.png
AllowAutoDeactivate Left TabIndex
AllowTabStop LockBottom Tooltip
Bold LockLeft Top
Caption LockRight Transparent
Enabled LockTop TrueWindow fa-lock-32.png
FontName MouseCursor Underline
FontSize MouseX fa-lock-32.png Visible
FontUnit MouseY fa-lock-32.png Width
Handle fa-lock-32.png Name fa-lock-32.png Window fa-lock-32.png
Height PanelIndex
Index fa-lock-32.png Parent
AcceptFileDrop AcceptTextDrop Invalidate
AcceptPictureDrop Close Refresh
AcceptRawDataDrop DrawInto SetFocus


If the Caption property contains an ampersand character, it will display only if it is preceded by another ampersand character. This is done to make applications on all platforms behave consistently. The ampersand is used to denote the keyboard accelerator on the Windows platform.


See the RadioButton control.

See Also

RadioButton control; RectControl class.