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Returns a FolderItem that refers the true path (without resolving any aliases) of a file or folder.



Part Type Description
result FolderItem FolderItem that refers to the item referenced by path.
path String Pathname to the file or folder.
Introduced 5.5
Class Constant FolderItem class constant, PathTypeAbsolute, PathTypeURL, or PathTypeShell, indicating whether the path is a Shell path, an "ordinary" path, or a path in the form of a URL.

If you pass a shell path, it must be an absolute path. If not, an UnsupportedFormatException will result. See the ShellPath property of the FolderItem class for information about shell paths. If you pass the PathTypeURL constant, the URL must begin with "file:///".


If the item referenced by path does not exist, GetTrueFolderItem returns Nil.


The following example compares GetTrueFolderItem with GetFolderItem. While both functions are passed the same absolute path to an alias, f refers to the alias, while g refers to the actual application.

Dim f, g As FolderItem
f = GetTrueFolderItem("Hard Disk:Photoshop")
g = GetFolderItem("Hard Disk:Photoshop")
TextField1.Text = f.Name // the alias to the app
TextField2.Text = g.Name // the application

See Also

GetFolderItem function; FolderItem class.