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Returns an AppleEventObjectSpecifier built to perform some kind of test.


result=GetTestObjectDescriptor(DesiredClass, Object, Comparison)

Part Type Description
result AppleEventObjectSpecifier The object that was created.
DesiredClass String The class of AppleEvent object you are looking for.
Object AppleEventObjectSpecifier The source object. Pass Nil to search at the application level.
Comparison AppleEventObjectSpecifier The object describing the actual test to be performed.


At present, GetStringComparisonObjectDescriptor is the only function that returns an AppleEventObjectSpecifier describing a test, but this will probably be extended in the future.

See Also

AppleEvent class; GetIndexedObjectDescriptor, GetNamedObjectDescriptor, GetOrdinalObjectDescriptor, GetPropertyObjectDescriptor, GetRangeObjectDescriptor, GetStringComparisonObjectDescriptor functions.