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Returns the AppleEventObjectSpecifier that matches the string comparison passed.


result=GetStringComparisonObjectDescriptor (ComparisonKey, ComparisonForm, Field, Value)

Part Type Description
result AppleEventObjectSpecifier The object that was found.
ComparisonKey String The type of comparison to be performed. This string must be four characters in length.
ComparisonForm String The form of the comparison. For example, "prop" indicates that the comparison will be checking a property.
Field String The field the comparison will be performed on. The ComparisonForm parameter controls how the field parameter is interpreted.
Value String The value that the comparison will be performed against.


Valid comparison keys are:

Comparison Key Description
= Equals
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to

Comparison keys must be four characters. You must include spaces after the characters in the comparison key so that the string passed is four characters in length.

See Also

AppleEvent class, GetIndexedObjectDescriptor, GetNamedObjectDescriptor, GetOrdinalObjectDescriptor, GetPropertyObjectDescriptor, GetRangeObjectDescriptor, GetTestObjectDescriptor functions.