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Property (As String )
aFileType.Name = newStringValue
StringValue = aFileType.Name

Supported for all project types and targets.

The MIME name used to refer to the File Type in your code.


This is what is shown in some open/save file dialogs. The Name property can be specified by a constant. When using dynamic constants, the names are automatically localized on macOS. On other platforms, the Name property will return the dynamic constant value, which allows you to register/update your file type with the system using the localized name.

You can see a list of common MIME names by opening the File Type Group Editor and choosing the command bar button to add a common file type. The menu will show some common types and you can click "More.." to open a chooser at the bottom that shows many more.

Sample Code

The following defines the jpeg file type in code:

Var jpegType As New FileType
jpegType.Name = "image/jpeg"
jpegType.Extensions = "jpg;jpeg"