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Converts a String into quoted-printable format.



Part Type Description
result String The result of processing str.
str String The string expression to be converted.


EncodeQuotedPrintable converts unprintable characters (i.e., control characters, returns and tabs) into hexadecimal. It is designed for handling email or usenet messages.

The DecodeQuotedPrintable function performs the function in reverse.


The following example encodes the text in a TextArea, which can have return characters.

Var printString As String = "Hello" + EndOfLine + "World"
Var s As String
s = EncodeQuotedPrintable(printString)
// s is "Hello=0AWorld"

The variable s can then be used in systems that expect unprintable characters to be encoded.

See Also

DecodeQuotedPrintable function.