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Language Keyword

Loops through the elements of a one-dimensional array or a class that implements the Iterable interface.


For Each element [As datatype] In array


[ Continue [For] ]

[ Exit [For] ]

Next [element]

Part Type Description
element Same type as array A variable of the same data type as array that refers to an element of array. The loop processes each value in array.
datatype Any valid datatype Optional: The data type of the array element.

It can be any one-dimensional array. If you declare the data type with the optional AS clause, you do not have to do so with a Dim statement before the loop. The data type must match array's data type.

array Any valid datatype A one-dimensional array whose data type must match datatype.
Statements Statements to be executed repeatedly inside the loop.
Continue If a Continue statement is present, execution skips directly to the loop's Next statement, thereby causing another loop iteration unless the end is reached.
Exit If an Exit statement is present, execution skips over the remaining statements in the loop and resumes with the statement following the Next statement. See the Exit statement for additional options that are relevant for nested loops.


For...Each loops through the values in the array in index order.

As with other block statements, variables declared within a For...Each loop go out of scope when the loop finishes or exits.

Sample Code

Iterate through an array:

Var days() As String = Array("One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five")
Var output As String
For Each d As String In days
output = output + d

Calculate the sum of values in an array:

Var values() As Double = Array(1.5, 5.5, 8.0, 45.0, 22.5)
Var sum As Double
For Each d As Double In values
sum = sum + d
// sum = 82.5

See Also

For...Next, Var statements; Array keyword