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Decodes into “normal” text a string that has been encoded by EncodeQuotedPrintable.


result = DecodeQuotedPrintable(str [, encoding])

Part Type Description
result String The result of processing str.
str String The string expression to be decoded back to its original form.
encoding TextEncoding Optional: The text encoding of the passed string.

If you pass an encoding, is has the same effect as calling DefineEncoding on the returned String.


DecodeQuotedPrintable converts text representations of unprintable characters (i.e., control characters, returns and tabs) back into their original form. It is designed for handling email or usenet messages. It undoes the encoding done by EncodeQuotedPrintable.

The DecodeQuotedPrintable function performs the function in reverse.

DecodeQuotedPrintable can decode strings in which hexadecimal values are represented in lowercase as well as the standard uppercase.

Sample Code

The following code takes the contents of TextArea1 and decodes it. If TextArea1 contains Return character, EncodeQuotedPrintable encodes them and DecodeQuotedPrintable decodes them.

Var s As String
s = EncodeQuotedPrintable(TextArea1.Text)

TextArea2.Text = DecodeQuotedPrintable(s)

See Also

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