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Collection.Count() As integer

Supported for all project types and targets.

The number of elements in the collection. Returns an integer. Each element is a Value, Key pair.

Sample Code

The following code displays the value of Count in a TextField.

Var c As New Collection
c.Add(1, "ID")
c.Add("Lois Lane", "Name")
c.Add("Reporter", "JobTitle")
c.Add(85000, "Salary")
c.Add(lois, "Picture") // lois is a Picture added to the project
TextField1.Value = c.Item("ID")
TextField2.Value = c.Item(2) // returns "Lois Lane"
TextField3.Value = c.Item("JobTitle")
TextField4.Value = c.Item("Salary")
Canvas1.Backdrop = c.Item("Picture")

TextField5.Value = Str(c.Count)