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Classes and functions to deal with COM components (i.e. ActiveX Controls and Automation).

IIDFromString VARIANTToRBVariant


Refer to the Microsoft COM documentation for full details on all classes, constants, structures, etc. used by COM.


Each class is described in its own section:

Name Super Class Description
IUnknown The common interface supported by all COM objects
IDispatch IUnknown The common interface exposed by Automation servers
IEnumVARIANT IUnknown This interface provides a way to enumerate a collection of variants
IPicture IUnknown This interface manages a picture object and its properties. Get the details here.
COMException RuntimeException Raised when a COM exception is encountered



Class Constant Description
S_OK Result returned without error.
S_FALSE Result returned with an error.


These constants can be passed as flags to the IDispatch.Invoke method:

Class Constant Description
DISPATCH_METHOD The member is invoked as a method. If a property has the same name, both this and the DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET flag may be set.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYGET The member is retrieved as a property or data member.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT The member is changed as a property or data member.
DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUTREF The member is changed by a reference assignment, rather than a value assignment. This flag is valid only when the property accepts a reference to an object.


Class Constant Description
LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT The user's default locale context in which to interpret arguments of IDispatch.Invoke.
SIZEOF_VARIANT Returns the size of an OLE VARIANT.

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