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Property (As Variant )
aAttributeInfo.Value = newVariantValue
VariantValue = aAttributeInfo.Value

Supported for all project types and targets.

The optional value of the attribute.

Sample Code

Suppose Window1 has three attributes: The first attribute contains the Name only and the others have both a Name and Value:

Name Value
myName2 "Foo"
myName3 23

The following code retrieves the attributes and displays them in a ListBox:

For Each attribute As Introspection.AttributeInfo In Introspection.GetType(window1).GetAttributes
ListBox1.AddRow attribute.Name
If attribute.Value.IsNull Then
ListBox1.CellValueAt(ListBox1.LastAddedRowIndex,1) = "No Value"
ListBox1.CellValueAt(ListBox1.LastAddedRowIndex,1) = attribute.Value
End If