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Class (inherits from MenuItem)

Used to place menu items in the Application menu on macOS. A menu item subclassed from ApplicationMenuItem is automatically moved to the Application menu for macOS builds. On all other target platforms, the menu item appears where you put it in the Menu Editor. You cannot place menu items directly in the Apple or application menus in the Menu Editor.

Action EnableMenu
AutoEnabled HasMacOptionKey fa-lock-32.png Name
Enabled HasSecondaryModifierKey fa-lock-32.png Shortcut
Handle fa-lock-32.png HasStandardModifierKey fa-lock-32.png ShortcutKey fa-lock-32.png
HasAltKey fa-lock-32.png Icon Tag
HasCheckmark Index fa-lock-32.png Value
HasMacControlKey fa-lock-32.png LastRowIndex fa-lock-32.png Visible
AddMenu Close Remove
AddMenuAt Count RemoveMenuAt
Child MenuAt
Clone Popup


To use ApplicationMenuItem, create the menu item under the menu that you want to use for the Windows and Linux builds of the application and then use the Inspector to change its super class to ApplicationMenuItem. Otherwise, set up the menu item normally.

See Also

MenuItem, PrefsMenuItem, QuitMenuItem classes.