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Class (inherits from Object)

Holds the fields making up an address for a macOS Address Book.

City CountryCode StreetAddress
Country State Zip
Value Value

Sample Code

This code gets the current user’s address and puts it in a TextField.

Dim book As AddressBook
Dim address As AddressBookAddress
Dim data As AddressBookData
Dim s As String

book = System.AddressBook
data = book.CurrentUser.Addresses
If data.Count > 0 Then
address = data.Value(0)
s = address.StreetAddress + Address.City + ", " + Address.State + " " + address.Zip
s = "Count is zero!"
End If
TextField1.Text = s

See Also

AddressBook, AddressBookContact, AddressBookData, AddressBookGroup, AddressBookRecord classes.