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Class (inherits from Object)

Provides access to SQLite databases in iOS projects.

DatabaseFile LibraryVersion fa-lock-32.png Timeout
EncryptionKey ThreadYieldInterval
AttachDatabase Decrypt LastRowID
Connect DetachDatabase SQLExecute
CreateDatabaseFile Encrypt SQLSelect


Version used:

Xojo Version SQLite Version
2019r3 3.29.0
2019r2 3.28.0
2019r1 3.26.0
2018r4 3.25.3
2018r3 3.24.0
2018r2 3.23.1
2018r1 3.22.0
2017r3 3.20.1

For more information about SQLite:

If your database object goes out of scope, the database is closed. This means you are typically going to want your database object be somewhat global to your app. A common technique is to have an iOSSQLiteDatabase property on the App object that you refer throughout your app as App.DB.


iOSSQLiteDatabase does an auto-commit after each SQL command if you do not manually start a transaction. You can start a transaction using this command:


When the transaction is complete, you commit your changes with this command:


You can cancel a transaction by calling rollback with this command:


See Also

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