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Class (inherits from iOSControl)

The standard rectangle control for iOS.

Close Open
AccessibilityHint CornerWidth Parent fa-lock-32.png
AccessibilityLabel FillColor Top fa-lock-32.png
BorderColor Height fa-lock-32.png Visible
BorderWidth Left fa-lock-32.png Width fa-lock-32.png
CornerHeight Name fa-lock-32.png
AddConstraint ControlCount RemoveConstraint
AddControl Handle RemoveControl
Control Invalidate SetTintColor

Sample Code

Sample Code In the Open event handler, update the rectangle to have thick blue borders, rounded corners and a red fill:

Me.BorderColor = Color.Blue
Me.BorderWidth = 10
Me.CornerHeight = 25
Me.CornerWidth = 25
Me.FillColor = Color.Red

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