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iOSMobileTable.RowCellData(section As Integer = 0, row As Integer) As MobileTableCellData

Supported on Mobile.

Returns the cell data for the section and row.


Parameter Description
section The section containing the row.
row The row to get the iOSTableCellData.


You can use this method to get at the cell data to change its contents. After changing the contents, call ReloadRow to display the new information.

If the section and/or row does not exist, an OutOfBoundsException will be raised.

Sample Code

Get all the cell data for the first row in the table and change its text:

Var cell As MobileTableCellData
cell = Table1.RowCellData(0, 0)
cell.Text = "Changed"
Table1.ReloadRow(0, 0)