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iOSMobileTable.RowActionSelected(section As Integer, row As Integer, actionTag As Variant)

Supported on Mobile.

A row action has been selected by the user.


Parameter Description
section The section containing the row where the action was used.
row The row where the action was used.
actionTag The tag (specified when the iOSMobileTableRowAction was created) that you can use to identify the action that was used.


Use the actionTag parameter to identify the action that was used.

Row actions only work for tables that use iOSMobileTableDataSourceEditing and where its [iOSMobileTableDataSourceEditing.RowIsEditable|RowIsEditable]] method returns True.

Sample Code

Check the actionTag parameter:

Select actionTag
Case "More"
// ... show more info
Case "Delete"
// ... delete something
End Select

See Also

iOSMobileTableRowAction class and iOSMobileTableDataSourceEditing interface.