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Property (As Integer )
aiOSMobileTable.EstimatedRowHeight = newIntegerValue
IntegerValue = aiOSMobileTable.EstimatedRowHeight

Supported on Mobile.

For use with custom table cells, this allows you to specify an estimated row height to help with the drawing of the rows and determine what needs scrolling.


With custom table cells, the table doesn't know in advance what the cells will be or how high they'll be. Using the estimated row height allows the table to determine how high its content is (and how much scrolling needs to happen) without instantiating every single cell that the table contains.

For non-custom cells, you should leave this as 0 and the framework will do the right thing. When you set the estimated row height, it's important to get it somewhat accurate (e.g. being 10% off probably won't matter, being 100% off causes bugs).