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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to draw text, lines, rectangle and images.

Alpha Height fa-lock-32.png TextUnderline
AntiAlias LineColor Width fa-lock-32.png
FillColor LineWidth
Handle fa-lock-32.png TextFont
ClipToPath DrawRoundRect RestoreState
ClipToRect DrawTextBlock Rotate
DrawImage DrawTextLine SaveState
DrawLine FillOval Scale
DrawOval FillPath TextBlockSize
DrawPath FillRect TextLineSize
DrawRect FillRoundRect Translate


You cannot instantiate iOSGraphics. You can get an iOSGraphics instance from either an iOSCanvas or an iOSBitmap.

Changing the graphics state only affects subsequent drawing commands.

See Also

iOSBitmap, iOSImage, iOSPath classes; iOSCanvas control