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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
[[DebugBuild]], [[XojoVersionString]], [[TargetBigEndian]], [[TargetCocoa]],  [[TargetDesktop]], [[TargetLinux]], [[TargetLittleEndian]], [[TargetMachO]], [[TargetMacOS]], [[TargetWindows]], [[TargetX86]] constants; [[#If...#Endif]] statement.
[[DebugBuild]], [[XojoVersionString]], [[TargetBigEndian]],  [[TargetDesktop]], [[TargetLinux]], [[TargetLittleEndian]], [[TargetMachO]], [[TargetMacOS]], [[TargetWindows]], [[TargetX86]] constants; [[#If...#Endif]] statement.

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Constant As Double

aDouble = XojoVersion

Reports the major and minor version number of Xojo.



Part Type Description
result Double Constant indicating the major and minor version number.


Version 20xx returns a number of the form 20xx.yy, where yy is the Release number.

You can use XojoVersion in an #if statement to determine whether a use is running a particular version of Xojo. Based on the result, you conditionally compile code that is available only for that version.

Sample Code

The following line displays the version of Xojo being used:

MessageBox("You're using version " + Str(XojoVersion))

The following includes code only for applications built using Xojo version 2017 Release 1 or above.

#If XojoVersion > 2017 Then
// include code here

See Also

DebugBuild, XojoVersionString, TargetBigEndian, TargetDesktop, TargetLinux, TargetLittleEndian, TargetMachO, TargetMacOS, TargetWindows, TargetX86 constants; #If...#Endif statement.