What's new in REAL Studio 2011 R3?

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Here's what's new:

  • Better Localization Support - You can now retrieve at runtime the localized version of a string constant for any language.
  • Better HTML5 GeoLocation Support - The WebDeviceLocation class now supports additional HTML5 geolocation features: Accuracy, Altitude, AltitudeAccuracy, Heading, Speed and TimeStamp.
  • Easier CGI Deployment - When building a web app, the CGI has better file permissions to make it more likely they will be correct when the CGI is installed on the web server.
  • Improved JSON Support - The JSON class has a new Lookup function similar to the one in the Dictionary class.
  • OS X 10.7 Lion Support - Several improvements have been made for Lion including support for high-quality voices that are now used when using the Speak method.
  • Faster, Better Web App Session Launching - Web apps have been optimized for faster session startup. Also App.LaunchMessageDelay has been added to allow the developer to determine when, if ever, the session launch page should be displayed.

We added 11 new features and fixed 73 bugs.

7052 Some events in the Toolbar class that were not appropriate have been removed.
12272 Linux IDE: the MenuBar editor no longer flickers visibly when hidden while the IDE is resized.
13270 IDE: If a control has a width and height that makes it impossible to draw in the IDE, it will be replaced by a message that indicates this. However, the control will still work in the built application.
14849 IDE: Breakpoint -> Clear All now works in web projects.
15108 IDE: Button sizes in the Preferences window have been adjusted to accommodate longer strings.
15131 IDE: Pressing Ctrl+P (or cmd+P on OS X) now only presents a print dialog for the frontmost project.
15350 Linux: The GetTemporaryFolderItem function now creates a temporary file like it does on OS X and Windows.
15585 Windows: FolderItem.URLPath now encodes non-ASCII characters properly.
15925 Cocoa: Speak() is now functional.
16225 Linux: The ComboBox control now follows tab order.
16406 Cocoa: Text fields no longer randomly use the wrong alignment.
16673 Windows: Performing a drag operation in a MouseDown event that returned true, no longer prevents the MouseUp event from firing.
16703 IDE: The incorrect display of rows when you drag a row in the copy files step of a Build Step has been corrected.
This was cosmetic only and folder items were being reordered properly, but the display was showing just the name upon reordering.
16832 Linux: Control's top position are now offset correctly (this bug was seen in later versions of GTK, such as the one included with Ubuntu 11.04).
16883 Documentation: The PagePanel.Insert page has been updated. It appears to have been a copy of the documentation from TabPanel.Insert which was incorrect for page panel.
16902 IDE: Analyzing or building a project that has duplicate classes no longer causes an assertion.
16992 IDE: Copying & pasting a control array works as expected.
17051 Reports no longer show the time when accessing a Date field in a MySQL database.
17116 Cocoa: Toolbar.Handle now returns the underlying NSToolbar.
17190 Console graphics: Graphics.Drawstring no longer fails to draw when the WrapWidth parameter is used.
17191 Cocoa: TextFields properly set their focus ring type now.
17195 Graphics.Clip now respects the bounds when created from another clipped graphics.
17203 Web: WebListBox no longer scrolls too far on browsers that use Webkit (Safari and Chrome).
17213 Linux: Label's underline can now be cleared.
17246 IDE: When opening an existing project, ALL windows are restored that were part of the saved UI state.
17263 Web: Apps built as CGIs no longer crash when deployed on Mac OS X.
17264 Web: Web apps now load on Safari 4.x again.
17279 Web: WebToolbar.ItemAtIndex no longer throws an OutOfBoundsException for legal values.
17297 Web: CGIs will no longer destroy the config file when automatic port selection is enabled.
17298 IDE: Extremely narrow popups no longer generate an IDE exception.
17304 Web: Multiple WebFileUploader objects in a project will no longer cause errors.
17316 Cocoa: the Font() and FontCount() functions now return font families instead of fonts. This is closer to the Carbon behavior, but will not return identical results.
17317 Documentation: WebToolBar is now available in the local language reference.
17320 The ContainerControl.ConstructContextualMenu event now fires correctly.
17346 Carbon: No longer crashes on Lion if controls or menu items contain Japanese text.
17356 Linux: HTMLViewer now renders using WebKit on Ubuntu 11.04.
17357 Web: Multiple instances of the exact same image file now appear properly.
17379 Web: WebMapLocation now returns correct coordinates when the value is between 0 and 1.
17399 Windows: Assigning a MenuItem icon no longer leaks the Picture object.
17413 IDE: Items that have been moved to the trash won't be added to the recent menu and items in the trash will not open.
17429 Web: Mobile Webkit on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now report the browser as SafariMobile when an app is launched from the home screen.
17434 Web: CGI web apps no longer generate a 404 error for spacer.gif.
17449 Web: The WebMapViewer maptype constants are now public.
17450 Web: The WebMapViewer.MapType property can now be set from code.
17462 Lion: The Speak method now works reliably.
17466 Lion: The ComboBox disclosure button is now drawn correctly.
17475 Windows: App.OpenDocument no longer throws a failed assertion.
17509 Macintosh: Altering the Clipboard contents before any other processes no longer fails on 10.4/10.5.
17510 Web: Web apps have been optimized so that the user can connect more quickly.
17529 Cocoa: TextFields properly set their focus ring type now.
17557 Linux: setting the Text of a Multiline Label in code now wraps the text correctly
17561 JSONItem.Name and JSONItem.Names again return unencoded key names.
17577 Console: Object2D's Fill opacity is no longer reversed (i.e. a value of 100 no longer fills transparently).
17595 Compiler: No longer asserts under a very specific set of circumstances when testing for ambiguous methods.
17639 Web: Web toolbar items reload their captions properly (especially noticable when the caption contained non-ASCII characters).
17649 IDE: File type sets from VCP projects that contain icons no longer cause a nil object exception in the IDE. However, because of how VCP items are stored doing this will drop the icons from the filetype set. There is no remedy for this issue.
17653 Compiler: Picture properties that are inherited but have no value no longer cause a compilation error.
17657 WeakRef.Value can no longer point to an object that has already been destroyed.
17666 Mac IDE: Contextual clicking the image/mask area of the Icon editor now presents a contextual menu again.
17669 IndexOf now works correctly on upcast arrays.
17673 Macintosh: The Speak method now uses with the new high quality voices introduced in Lion.
17684 Web: The WebPopUpMenu.ListIndex property on the server side is now updated properly when removing a row with an index lower than the currently selected item.
17689 Web: Web Controls can now only be disabled once.
17692 Web: WebMoviePlayer now correctly recognizes the .mp4 extension for mpeg4 video.
17693 IDE: If you cancel opening a project the resolve issues dialog will no longer show.
17735 Windows: Draw/FillRoundRect now draws correctly when UseGDIPlus is enabled.
17757 Windows: Setting Canvas.DoubleBuffer no longer creates areas in the Canvas that don't erase.
17792 DatabaseField.PictureValue now works for Console/Web projects.
17806 Documentation: Fixed the Wiki entry for WebApplication.HTTPHeader.
14892 Compiler: Pragma BreakOnExceptions now accept True/False as parameters. They are equivalent to On/Off respectively.
15154 IDE: New project/template selection window hides if you open a file by dropping it on the IDE icon or double click one in the Finder/Explorer.
17036 Mac OS X application 256 x 256 icons are now also JPEG 2000. What this means is that if you generate a Mac application on Windows & Linux the 512 x 512 and 256 x 256 icons will NOT be part of the ICNS file as neither of those system have the required JPEG 2000 support.
17286 IDE: Pressing Cancel when the IDE has found unsaved changes no longer quits the IDE.
17300 Web: The WebDeviceLocation class now supports additional HTML5 geolocation features: Accuracy, Altitude, AltitudeAccuracy, Heading, Speed and TimeStamp.
17445 IDE: Attributes will print as part of the definition/declaration of anything that has them.
17574 Web: The config.cfg file that is generated when you build a CGI web app now has its file permissions set to rw-rw-rw- (&o666) on Linux & OS X which will make deployment easier.
17588 OS X Lion: Since Lion includes a system preference for opening an application with the last documents it had open the preference in the IDE no longer applies on Lion. It will be hidden and will honor the system setting for Lion.
17628 Quickstart has been updated with new URLs & added the entry for User Groups.
17718 JSONItem now has a Lookup function like the Dictionary class.
17569 Web: Added App.LaunchMessageDelay which allows the developer to control when, if ever, they want the session launch page to appear.
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