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Class (inherits from WebUIControl)

New in 2010r4

A basic slider control.

Closed Hidden Shown
ContextualMenuSelected Opening ValueChanged
ContextualMenu LockLeft fa-lock-32.png StepValue
ControlID fa-lock-32.png LockRight fa-lock-32.png Style
Enabled LockVertical fa-lock-32.png TabIndex
Height MaximumValue Tooltip
Indicator MinimumValue Top
Left Name fa-lock-32.png Value
LockBottom fa-lock-32.png Page fa-lock-32.png Visible
LockHorizontal fa-lock-32.png Parent fa-lock-32.png Width
Close GotoURL UpdateBrowser
ExecuteJavaScript SetFocus

Sample Code

This code in the ValueChanged event handler displays the Slider value in a Label:

Label1.Value = "Slider value = " + Me.Value.ToString