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Class (inherits from Object)

Used to convert text from one encoding system to another.

Clear Convert


The following tables give the values of the Base and Variant parameters that are used in several of the functions in the Text Encoding theme.

Codes for Base

Base Value
MacRoman 0
MacJapanese 1
MacChineseTrad 2
MacKorean 3
MacArabic 4
MacHebrew 5
MacGreek 6
MacCyrillic 7
MacDevanagari 9
MacGurmukhi 10
MacGujarati 11
MacOriya 12
MacBengali 13
MacTamil 14
MacTelugu 15
MacKannada 16
MacMalayalam 17
MacSinhalese 18
MacBurmese 19
MacKhmer 20
MacThai 21
MacLaotian 22
MacGeorgian 23
MacArmenian 24
MacChineseSimp 25
MacTibetan 26
MacMongolian 27
MacEthiopic 28
MacCentralEurRoman 29
MacVietnamese 30
MacExtArabic 31
MacSymbol 33
MacDingbats 34
MacTurkish 35
MacCroatian 36
MacIcelandic 37
MacRomanian 38
MacCeltic 39
MacGaelic 40
MacUnicode &h7E
MacFarsi &h8C
MacUkrainian &h98
MacInuit &hEC
MacVT100 &hFC
UnicodeDefault &h0100
UnicodeV1_1 &h0101
ISO10646_1933 &h0101
UnicodeV2_0 &h0103
Unicodev2_1 &h0103
ISOLatin1 &h0201
ISOLatin2 &h0202
ISOLatin3 &h0203
ISOLatin4 &h0204
ISOLatinCyrillic &h0205
ISOLatinArabic &h0206
ISOLatinGreek &h0207
ISOLatinHebrew &h0208
ISOLatin5 &h0209
DOSLatinUS &h0400
DOSGreek &h0405
DOSBalticRim &h0405
DOSLatin1 &h0410
DOSGreek1 &h0411
DOSLatin2 &h0412
DOSCyrillic &h0413
DOSTurkish &h0414
DOCPortuguese &h0415
DOSIslandic &h0416
DOSHebrew &h0417
DOSCanadianFrench &h0418
DOSArabic &h0419
DOSNordic &h041A
DOSRussian &h041B
DOSGreek2 &h041C
DOSThai &h041D
DOSJapanese &h0420
DOSChineseSimplif &h0421
DOSKorean &h0422
DOSChineseTrad &h0423
WindowsLatin1 &h0500
WindowsANSI &h0500
WindowsLatin2 &h0501
WindowsCryillic &h0502
WindowsGreek &h0503
WindowsLatin5 &h0504
WindowsHebrew &h0505
WindowsArabic &h0506
WindowsBalticRim &h0507
WindowsVietnamese &h0508
WindowsKoreanJohab &h0510
US_ASCII &h0600
JIS_X0201_76 &h0620
JIS_X0208_83 &h0621
JIS_X0208_90 &h0622
JIS_X0212_90 &h0623
JIS_C6226_78 &h0624
GB_2312_80 &h0630
GBK_95 &h0631
KSC_5601_87 &h0640
KSC_5601_92_Johab &h0641
CNS_11643_92_P1 &h0651
CNS_11643_92_P2 &h0652
CNS_11643_92_P3 &h0653
ISO_2022_JP &h0820
ISO_2022_JP_2 &h0821
ISO_2022_CN &h0830
ISO_2022_CN_EXT &h0831
ISO_2022_KR &h0840
EUC_JP &h0920
EUC_CN &h0930
EUC_TW &h0931
EUC_KR &h0940
ShiftJIS &h0A01
KOI8_R &h0A02
Big5 &h0A03
MacRomanLatin1 &h0A04
HZ_GB_2312 &h0A05
NextStepLatin &h0B01
EBCDIC_CP037 &h0C02
MultiRun &h0FFF
MacTradChinese 2
MacRSSymbol 8
MacSimpChinese 25
MacGeez 28
MacEastEurRoman 29
MacUninterp 32

Codes for Variant

Variant Value
Text Encoding Default Variant 0
Mac Roman Default Variant 0
Mac Roman Currency Sign Variant 1
Mac Roman Euro Sign Variant 2
Mac Icelandic Std Default Variant 0
Mac Icelandic TT Default Variant 1
Mac Icelandic Std Euro Sign Variant 4
Mac Icelandic TT Euro Sign Variant 5
Mac Croatian Default Variant 0
Mac Croatian Currency Sign Variant 1
Mac Croatian Euro Sign Variant 2
Mac Romanian Default Variant 0
Mac Romanian Currency Sign Variant 1
Mac Romanian Euro Sign Variant 2
Mac Japanese Standard Variant 0
Mac Japanese StdNoVerticals Variant 1
Mac Japanese Basic Variant 2
Mac JapanesePostScript Scrn Variant 3
Mac Japanese PostScript Print Variant 4
Mac Japanese VartAtKuPlusTen Variant 5
Mac Arabic Standard Variant 0
Mac Arabic TrueType Variant 1
Mac Arabic Thuluth Variant 2
Mac Arabic AlBayan Variant 3
Mac Farsi Standard Variant 0
Mac Farsi TrueType Variant 1
Mac Hebrew Standard Variant 0
Mac Hebrew FigureSpace Variant 1
Mac VT100 Default Variant 0
Mac VT100 CurrencySign Variant 1
Mac VT100 EuroSign Variant 2
Unicode No Subset 0
Unicode Canonical Decomp Variant 2
Big5_Basic Variant 0
Big5_Standard Variant 1
Big5_ETen Variant 2
Unicode No Compatibility Variant 1
Unicode No Composed Variant 3
Unicode No Corporate Variant 4
Mac Roman Standard Variant 0
Mac Icelandic Standard Variant 0
Mac Icelandic TrueType Variant 1
Japanese Standard Variant 0
Japanese Std No Verticals Variant 1
Japanese Basic Variant 2
Japanese PostScript Scrn Variant 3
Japanese PostScript Print Variant 4
Japanese VertAtKuPlusTen Variant 5
Hebrew Standard Variant 0
Hebrew Figure Space Variant 1
Unicode Max Decomposed Variant 2
Japanese NoOneByteKanaOption 0020
Japanese Use ASCII Backslash Option &h40


The following example converts the text in a TextField:

Var c As TextConverter
c = GetTextConverter(GetTextEncoding(&h500), GetTextEncoding(0))
TextField2.Text = c.Convert(TextField1.Text)

See Also

ConvertEncoding, DefineEncoding, Encoding, GetTextConverter functions; TextEncoding class; Encodings module.