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Class (inherits from RuntimeException)

Occurs when the calling chain becomes too long.

ErrorNumber Message
Stack StackFrames


A StackOverflowException occurs when the stack overflows. This happens when the calling chain gets too long. This can easily happen when your code makes a recursive call without providing a way to terminate the recursion-or the condition that terminates the recursive call takes too many calls to occur.

Sample Code

The following method calls itself until the stack overflows:

Function Square (value As Integer) As Integer
Return Square(value)
End Function

You can handle the function with the following simple Exception handler:

Function Square (value As Integer) As Integer
Return Square(value)

Exception err
If err IsA StackOverflowException Then
MessageBox("The stack has overflowed!")
End If

See Also

RuntimeException class; Function, Raise, Sub statements, Nil datatype; Exception, Try statements.