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Creates a one-dimensional array from the String passed. SplitB is identical to Split, except that it treats the source as binary data.



Part Type Description
result String array Array resulting from breaking source into elements using delimiter as the field delimiter.
source String Source string to be parsed into an array.
delimiter String Optional field delimiter used to parse Source into array elements. If delimiter is omitted, then a space is used as the delimiter.


Use the SplitB function to create a new String array from a list of elements (or fields) that are separated by a delimiter. If the optional parameter, delimiter, is not passed, a single space is assumed as the delimiter. If the delimiter is an empty string, the source string is split into characters.

According to <feedback://showreport?report_id=16190>, SplitB may not work in all cases as documented here. For instance, if the application is localized for Japanese, SplitB returns an empty array when splitting by an empty string. To be on the safe side until this has been fixed, consider assigning the string to a MemoryBlock variable and access its bytes through that instead.


The first example specifies the comma delimiter and the second example uses the default delimiter. They place each field into an array element, producing a three-element array. The last example parses the string into individual characters.

Dim anArray(-1) As String
anArray = SplitB("Adam,Aardvark,Accountant", ",")
anArray = SplitB("Adam Aardvark Accountant")
anArray = SplitB("Adam", "")
// First two using the alternate syntax:
Dim s As String
s = "Adam,Aardvark,Accountant"
anArray = s.SplitB(",") // produces 3-element array
anArray = s.SplitB("") // produces array of individual characters, but should be avoided for some encodings such as Japanese

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