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* '''Deprecated''' means that an item is no longer supported, although the item still works and remains available for use. If your projects require this item, you should consider finding another solution. Bugs are not typically fixed for deprecated items.
* '''Deprecated''' means that an item is no longer supported, although the item still works and remains available for use. If your projects require this item, you should consider finding another solution. Bugs are not typically fixed for deprecated items.
* '''Removed''' means the item is not longer available in Xojo. Typically deprecated items are removed about a year after they are deprecated, although this may be sooner or later as the situation warrants it.
* '''Removed''' means the item is not longer available in Xojo. Typically deprecated items are removed about a year after they are deprecated, although this may be sooner or later as the situation warrants it.
'''TIP''': What to do when you get errors for deprecated items? Run your project in the latest Xojo release and [[UserGuide:Code Editor#Auto-Complete|Auto-Complete will tell you what to use]].
== Operating Systems ==
== Operating Systems ==
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== Deprecated and Removed Features ==
== Deprecated and Removed Features ==
=== 2021 Release 3 ===
{| class="wikitable"
=== 2021 Release 2 ===
{| class="wikitable"
=== 2021 Release 1 ===
=== 2021 Release 1 ===
{| class="wikitable"
{| class="wikitable"

Latest revision as of 16:14, 19 November 2021


As time marches on, some older features of Xojo may no longer be relevant, may be unsupported by the OS or may be replaced with a newer feature. In such cases, the Xojo feature will be marked as De-emphasized, Deprecated and then finally removed.

  • De-emphasized means that the item's use is no longer encouraged and alternatives should be investigated. Bugs will not be fixed unless they cause fatal errors. At some point after an item is de-emphasized, it will be deprecated.
  • Deprecated means that an item is no longer supported, although the item still works and remains available for use. If your projects require this item, you should consider finding another solution. Bugs are not typically fixed for deprecated items.
  • Removed means the item is not longer available in Xojo. Typically deprecated items are removed about a year after they are deprecated, although this may be sooner or later as the situation warrants it.

TIP: What to do when you get errors for deprecated items? Run your project in the latest Xojo release and Auto-Complete will tell you what to use.

Operating Systems

This table describes the latest versions of Xojo you can use with some older operating systems.

Type OS Last Supported Release Minimum Supported Release
macOS Big Sur 10.16 2019r3.2 or later
Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 2019r3.1
Mac OS X 10.9 2018r2
Windows 32-bit 2017r2.1
Linux 32-bit 2017r2.1
Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 2017r1.1
Windows Vista 2016r1
Windows XP 2013r4.1
Mac OS X 10.6 2013r3.3
PowerPC 2010r3.2
macOS Builds
32-bit Mac apps

Building Mac apps on Windows

Mac OS X 10.9 2018r2
Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 2017r1.1
Mac OS X 10.6 2013r3.3
Mac OS X 10.5 2012r2.1
Mac OS X 10.4 2011r4.3
Mac OS X 10.3 2009r4
Carbon 2014r2
Mac OS X on PowerPC 2011r3
OS 9 2007r3
Windows Builds
Windows Vista

Windows Server 2008 R1

Windows XP SP3 2015r2.4
Windows XP SP2 2013r4.1
Windows 2000 2010r3.2
Windows 98 2007r3
Single-File EXE 2008r1
Linux Builds
GTK+ 2 2017r1.1
CentOS 5.x 2013r3.3
iOS Builds
iOS 8 2017r2.1
iOS 7 2016r1
iOS 32-bit support (via Univeral Binaries) 2016r4.1
Web Builds
Web 1.0 2019r3.2

Deprecated and Removed Features

2021 Release 3

Item Status
Application Deprecated
ApplicationMenuItem Deprecated
BevelButton Deprecated
Canvas Deprecated
CheckBox Deprecated
ComboBox Deprecated
ContainerControl Deprecated
Control Deprecated
Crypto.SHA256 Deprecated
Crypto.SHA512 Deprecated
DateTimePicker Deprecated
DisclosureTriangle Deprecated
FolderItemDialog.ShowModalWithin Deprecated
GroupBox Deprecated
HTMLViewer Deprecated
ImageWell Deprecated
iOSBlock Deprecated
Label Deprecated
Line Deprecated
ListBox Deprecated
ListBoxColumn Deprecated
ListBoxRow Deprecated
ListColumn Deprecated
MenuBar Deprecated
MenuItem Deprecated
MessageDialog.ShowModalWithin Deprecated
MoviePlayer Deprecated
NotePlayer Deprecated
OLEContainer Deprecated
Oval Deprecated
PagePanel Deprecated
Placard Deprecated
PopupArrow Deprecated
PopupMenu Deprecated
PrefsMenuItem Deprecated
ProgressBar Deprecated
ProgressWheel Deprecated
PushButton Deprecated
QuitMenuItem Deprecated
RadioButton Deprecated
Rectangle Deprecated
RectControl Deprecated
RoundRectangle Deprecated
Screen Deprecated
Scrollbar Deprecated
SearchField Deprecated
Segment.Title Deprecated
SegmentedButton Deprecated
Separator Deprecated
Slider Deprecated
TabPanel Deprecated
TextArea Deprecated
TextEdit Deprecated
TextField Deprecated
Toolbar Deprecated
ToolbarButton Deprecated
ToolBarItem Deprecated
UpDownArrows Deprecated
WebToolbarMenu Deprecated
Window Deprecated

2021 Release 2

Item Status
RuntimeException.Reason Deprecated
ShowURL Deprecated
WebRequest.File Deprecated

2021 Release 1

Item Status
MemoryBlock.Short Deprecated

2020 Release 2

Item Status
Application.CurrentThread Deprecated
Application.SleepCurrentThread Deprecated
Application.YieldToNextThread Deprecated
Arrays.AddRow Deprecated
Arrays.AddRowAt Deprecated
Arrays.FirstRowIndex Deprecated
Arrays.LastRowIndex Deprecated
Arrays.RemoveAllRows Deprecated
Arrays.RemoveRowAt Deprecated
Auto (using Variant) Deemphasized
Currency.ToText Deprecated
Double.ToText Deprecated
Integer.ToText Deprecated
iOSApplication Deprecated
iOSBitmap Deprecated
iOSButton Deprecated
iOSCanvas Deprecated
iOSContainerControl Deprecated
iOSControl Deprecated
iOSDatePicker Deprecated
iOSFont Deprecated
iOSGraphics Deprecated
iOSHTMLViewer Deprecated
iOSImage Deprecated
iOSImageView Deprecated
iOSLabel Deprecated
iOSLine Deprecated
iOSLocation Deprecated
iOSMessageBox Deprecated
iOSMotion Deprecated
iOSOval Deprecated
iOSPath Deprecated
iOSPicturePicker Deprecated
iOSProgressBar Deprecated
iOSProgressWheel Deprecated
iOSRectangle Deprecated
iOSScreen Deprecated
iOSScreenContent Deprecated
iOSScrollableArea Deprecated
iOSSegmentedControl Deprecated
iOSSegmentedControlItem Deprecated
iOSSeparator Deprecated
iOSSharingPanel Deprecated
iOSSlider Deprecated
iOSSound Deprecated
iOSSQLiteDatabase Deprecated
iOSSQLiteDatabaseField Deprecated
iOSSQLiteException Deprecated
iOSSQLiteRecordSet Deprecated
iOSSwitch Deprecated
iOSTable Deprecated
iOSTableCellData Deprecated
iOSTableDataSource Deprecated
iOSTableDataSourceEditing Deprecated
iOSTableDataSourceReordering Deprecated
iOSTableRowAction Deprecated
iOSTextArea Deprecated
iOSTextField Deprecated
iOSToolbar Deprecated
iOSToolButton Deprecated
iOSUserControl Deprecated
iOSView Deprecated
Label.Value Deprecated
Movie.BaseMovieHeight Deprecated
Movie.BaseMovieWidth Deprecated
Movie.Handle Deprecated
Movie.MovieHeight Deprecated
Movie.MovieWidth Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.DataSourceNames Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.DriverNames Deprecated
Picture.Constructor(width as Integer, height as Integer, Depth as Integer) Deprecated
PopupMenu.SelectedRowValue Deprecated
Single.ToText Deprecated
String.ToText Deprecated
Text (use String) Deemphasized
TextEdit.Value Deprecated
WebComboBox.Value Deprecated
WebComboBox.ValueChanged Deprecated
WebDatePicker.Value Deprecated
WebDatePicker.ValueChanged Deprecated
WebLabel.Value Deprecated
WebSearchField.ValueChanged Deprecated
WebTextControl.Value Deprecated
WebTextControl.ValueChanged Deprecated
Xojo Deprecated
Xojo.Core.Date Deprecated
Xojo.Core.Dictionary Deprecated
Xojo.Core.Locale Deprecated
Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock Deprecated
Xojo.Core.MutableMemoryBlock Deprecated
Xojo.Core.TextEncoding Deprecated
Xojo.Core.Timer Deprecated
Xojo.Crypto Deprecated
Xojo.Data Deprecated
Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON Deprecated
Xojo.Data.ParseJSON Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.AttributeInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.ConstructorInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.GetType Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.MemberInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.MethodInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.ParameterInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.PropertyInfo Deprecated
Xojo.Introspection.TypeInfo Deprecated
Xojo.IO Deprecated
Xojo.IO.BinaryStream Deprecated
Xojo.IO.FolderItem Deprecated
Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder Deprecated
Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.GetResource Deprecated
Xojo.IO.TextInputStream Deprecated
Xojo.IO.TextOutputStream Deprecated
Xojo.iOSKeyboardTypes Deprecated
Xojo.iOSLineBreakMode Deprecated
Xojo.iOSTextAlignment Deprecated
Xojo.Math Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Abs Deprecated
Xojo.Math.ACos Deprecated
Xojo.Math.ASin Deprecated
Xojo.Math.ATan Deprecated
Xojo.Math.ATan2 Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Ceil Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Cos Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Exp Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Floor Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Log Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Max Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Min Deprecated
Xojo.Math.RandomInt Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Round Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Sign Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Sin Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Sqrt Deprecated
Xojo.Math.Tan Deprecated
Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket Deprecated
Xojo.Net.SSLSettings Deprecated
Xojo.Net.TCPSocket Deprecated
Xojo.System Deprecated
Xojo.System.DebugLog Deprecated
Xojo.System.Microseconds Deprecated
Xojo.System.Ticks Deprecated
Xojo.System.Version Deprecated
Xojo.System.VersionData Deprecated
Xojo.System.VersionData.MajorVersion Deprecated
Xojo.System.VersionData.MinorVersion Deprecated
Xojo.System.VersionData.PatchVersion Deprecated
Xojo.System.VersionData.ToText Deprecated
Xojo.Threading.CriticalSection Deprecated
Xojo.Threading.Semaphore Deprecated
Xojo.Threading.Thread Deprecated

2020 Release 1

Item Status
Ceil Deprecated
Crypto.HMAC Deprecated
DataSource Deprecated
Graphics.DrawPolygon Deprecated
Graphics.FillPolygon Deprecated
RectControl.RefreshRect Deprecated
WebApplication.HandleSpecialURL Deprecated
WebApplication.Open Deprecated
WebApplication.SessionAtIndex Deprecated
Web 1.0 (use 2019r3.2 or earlier) Removed

2019 Release 3

Item Status
FolderItem.CreateVirtualVolume Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenAsVirtualVolume Deprecated
FolderItem.VirtualVolume Deprecated
IsDarkMode Deprecated
Report.Run Deprecated
VirtualVolume Deprecated

2019 Release 2

Item Status
AcceptFocus property Deprecated
AddressBook Deprecated
UserGuide:AddressBook Deprecated
AddressBook.Add Deprecated
AddressBook.Contacts Deprecated
AddressBook.CurrentUser Deprecated
AddressBook.Find Deprecated
AddressBook.Groups Deprecated
AddressBook.HasUnsavedChanges Deprecated
AddressBook.Remove Deprecated
AddressBook.Save Deprecated
AddressBookAddress Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.City Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.Country Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.CountryCode Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.State Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.StreetAddress Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.Value Deprecated
AddressBookAddress.Zip Deprecated
AddressBookContact Deprecated
AddressBookContact.Addresses Deprecated
AddressBookContact.Birthday Deprecated
AddressBookContact.CompanyName Deprecated
AddressBookContact.Constructor(vcard as String) Deprecated
AddressBookContact.EmailAddresses Deprecated
AddressBookContact.FirstName Deprecated
AddressBookContact.JobTitle Deprecated
AddressBookContact.LastName Deprecated
AddressBookContact.MiddleName Deprecated
AddressBookContact.Note Deprecated
AddressBookContact.PhoneNumbers Deprecated
AddressBookContact.VCard Deprecated
AddressBookData Deprecated
AddressBookData.ActualLabel Deprecated
AddressBookData.Append Deprecated
AddressBookData.Count Deprecated
AddressBookData.Insert Deprecated
AddressBookData.Label Deprecated
AddressBookData.Name Deprecated
AddressBookData.Remove Deprecated
AddressBookData.Text Deprecated
AddressBookData.Value Deprecated
AddressBookGroup Deprecated
AddressBookRecord Deprecated
AddressBookRecord.CreationDate Deprecated
AddressBookRecord.ModificationDate Deprecated
AddressBookRecord.RemoveValue Deprecated
AddressBookRecord.UniqueID Deprecated
AddressBookRecord.Value Deprecated
Append Deprecated
Application.AutoQuit Deprecated
Application.BuildDate Deprecated
Application.SupportsDarkMode Deprecated
Application.SupportsHiDPI Deprecated
AscB Deprecated
BackColor property Deprecated
Beep Deprecated
BevelButton.AddRow Deprecated
BevelButton.AddSeparator Deprecated
BevelButton.Bevel Deprecated
BevelButton.ButtonType Deprecated
BevelButton.CaptionAlign Deprecated
BevelButton.CaptionPlacement Deprecated
BevelButton.DeleteAllRows Deprecated
BevelButton.HasBackColor Deprecated
BevelButton.HasMenu Deprecated
BevelButton.IconAlign Deprecated
BevelButton.IconDx Deprecated
BevelButton.IconDy Deprecated
BevelButton.InsertRow Deprecated
BevelButton.List Deprecated
BevelButton.MenuValue Deprecated
BevelButton.TextUnit Deprecated
BinaryStream.LastErrorCode Deprecated
BinaryStream.Position Deprecated
Border property Deprecated
Canvas.AcceptTabs Deprecated
Canvas.DoubleBuffer Deprecated
Canvas.EraseBackground Deprecated
Canvas.UseFocusRing Deprecated
CDbl Deprecated
CheckBox.CheckedStates Deprecated
CheckBox.SetBoolean Deprecated
CheckBox.State Deprecated
CheckBox.TextUnit Deprecated
ChrB Deprecated
Clipboard.AddRawData Deprecated
Clipboard.SetText Deprecated
CLong Deprecated
CMY Deprecated
ComboBox.AutoComplete Deprecated
ComboBox.SelLength Deprecated
ComboBox.SelStart Deprecated
ComboBox.Text Deprecated
ComboBox.UseFocusRing Deprecated
ConsoleApplication.LongVersion Deprecated
ConsoleApplication.PackageInfo Deprecated
ConsoleApplication.ShortVersion Deprecated
ContainerControl.AcceptTabs Deprecated
ContainerControl.AutoDeactivate Deprecated
ContainerControl.DoubleBuffer Deprecated
ContainerControl.HelpTag Deprecated
ContainerControl.UseFocusRing Deprecated
CountFields Deprecated
CountFieldsB Deprecated
DarkBevelColor Deprecated
DarkTingeColor Deprecated
Database.Commit Deprecated
Database.Connect Deprecated
Database.Error Deprecated
Database.ErrorCode Deprecated
Database.ErrorMessage Deprecated
Database.FieldSchema Deprecated
Database.IndexSchema Deprecated
Database.InsertRecord Deprecated
Database.Rollback Deprecated
Database.SQLExecute Deprecated
Database.SQLSelect Deprecated
Database.TableSchema Deprecated
DatabaseField Deprecated
DatabaseField.BooleanValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.CurrencyValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.DateValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.DoubleValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.GetString Deprecated
DatabaseField.Int64Value Deprecated
DatabaseField.IntegerValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.Name Deprecated
DatabaseField.NativeValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.PictureValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.SetString Deprecated
DatabaseField.StringValue Deprecated
DatabaseField.Value Deprecated
DatabaseRecord Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.BlobColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.BooleanColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.Column Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.CurrencyColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.DateColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.DoubleColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.FieldCount Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.FieldName Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.FieldType Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.Int64Column Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.IntegerColumn Deprecated
DatabaseRecord.PictureColumn Deprecated
Date Deprecated
Date.AbbreviatedDate Deprecated
Date.Constructor() Deprecated
Date.Constructor(CopyDate as Date) Deprecated
Date.Constructor(Year as Integer, Month as Integer = 1, Day as Integer = 1, hour as Integer = 0, minute as Integer = 0, second as Integer = 0) Deprecated
Date.Constructor(Year as Integer, Month as Integer = 1, Day as Integer = 1, hour as Integer = 0, minute as Integer = 0, second as Integer = 0, GMTOffset as double) Deprecated
Date.Day Deprecated
Date.DayOfWeek Deprecated
Date.DayOfYear Deprecated
Date.GMTOffset Deprecated
Date.Hour Deprecated
Date.LongDate Deprecated
Date.LongTime Deprecated
Date.Minute Deprecated
Date.Month Deprecated
Date.Second Deprecated
Date.ShortDate Deprecated
Date.ShortTime Deprecated
Date.SQLDate Deprecated
Date.SQLDateTime Deprecated
Date.TotalSeconds Deprecated
Date.WeekOfYear Deprecated
Date.Year Deprecated
Dictionary.Clear Deprecated
Dictionary.Count Deprecated
DisabledTextColor Deprecated
DisclosureTriangle.AcceptFocus Deprecated
EnableMenuItems Deprecated
FigureShape.Append Deprecated
FigureShape.Insert Deprecated
FigureShape.Item Deprecated
FigureShape.Remove Deprecated
FillColor Deprecated
FolderItem.AbsolutePath Removed
FolderItem.Alias Deprecated
FolderItem.Constructor(path as String, PathType as Integer=PathTypeAbsolute) Deprecated
FolderItem.CreateFromMacFSRef Deprecated
FolderItem.CreationDate Deprecated
FolderItem.Delete Deprecated
FolderItem.Directory Deprecated
FolderItem.GetRelative Deprecated
FolderItem.GetSaveInfo Deprecated
FolderItem.Item Deprecated
FolderItem.LastErrorCode Deprecated
FolderItem.MacDirID Removed
FolderItem.MacFSRef Removed
FolderItem.MacCreator Removed
FolderItem.MacType Removed
FolderItem.ModificationDate Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenAsMovie Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenAsSound Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenAsVectorPicture Deprecated
FolderItem.ResourceForkLength Removed
FolderItem.TrueChild Deprecated
FolderItem.TrueItem Deprecated
FolderItem.VRefNum Removed
FolderItemDialog.InitialDirectory Deprecated
Font Method Deprecated
FontCount Deprecated
FrameColor Deprecated
GetFolderItem Deprecated
GetOpenFolderItem Deprecated
GetSaveFolderItem Deprecated
GetTemporaryFolderItem Deprecated
GetTrueFolderItem Deprecated
Graphics.ClearRect Deprecated
Graphics.DrawRect Deprecated
Graphics.DrawRoundRect Deprecated
Graphics.DrawString Deprecated
Graphics.FillRect Deprecated
Graphics.FillRoundRect Deprecated
Graphics.ForeColor Deprecated
Graphics.PenHeight Deprecated
Graphics.PenWidth Deprecated
Graphics.StringDirection Deprecated
Graphics.StringHeight Deprecated
Graphics.StringWidth Deprecated
Graphics.TextAscent Deprecated
Graphics.TextUnit Deprecated
Graphics.UseOldRenderer Removed
Group2D.Append Deprecated
Group2D.Insert Deprecated
Group2D.Remove Deprecated
GroupBox.TextUnit Deprecated
HighlightColor Deprecated
HSV Deprecated
Insert Deprecated
InStr Deprecated
InStrB Deprecated
InternetHeaders.AppendHeader Deprecated
InternetHeaders.Delete Deprecated
InternetHeaders.DeleteAllHeaders Deprecated
InternetHeaders.Value Deprecated
IPCSocket.LastErrorCode Deprecated
Join Deprecated
JSONItem.Append Deprecated
JSONItem.Clear Deprecated
JSONItem.Insert Deprecated
JSONItem.Name Deprecated
KeychainItem.Delete Deprecated
Label.SetString Deprecated
Label.TextAlign Deprecated
Label.TextFont Deprecated
Label.TextSize Deprecated
Label.TextUnit Deprecated
LeftB Deprecated
LenB Deprecated
LightBevelColor Deprecated
LightTingeColor Deprecated
ListBox.ActiveCell Deprecated
ListBox.AddFolder Deprecated
ListBox.AutoHideScrollBars Deprecated
ListBox.Cell Deprecated
ListBox.CellAlignment Deprecated
ListBox.CellAlignmentOffset Deprecated
ListBox.CellBorderBottom Deprecated
ListBox.CellBorderLeft Deprecated
ListBox.CellBorderRight Deprecated
ListBox.CellBorderTop Deprecated
ListBox.CellCheck Deprecated
ListBox.CellHelpTag Deprecated
ListBox.CellState Deprecated
ListBox.CellTag Deprecated
ListBox.CellType Deprecated
ListBox.Column Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnAlignment Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnAlignmentOffset Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnSortDirection Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnsResizable Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnTag Deprecated
ListBox.ColumnType Deprecated
ListBox.DeleteAllRows Deprecated
ListBox.EditCell Deprecated
ListBox.EnableDrag Deprecated
ListBox.EnableDragReorder Deprecated
ListBox.Expanded Deprecated
ListBox.GridLinesHorizontal Deprecated
ListBox.GridLinesVertical Deprecated
ListBox.HasHeading Deprecated
ListBox.HeaderType Deprecated
ListBox.Heading Deprecated
ListBox.Hierarchical Deprecated
ListBox.InsertFolder Deprecated
ListBox.InsertRow Deprecated
ListBox.LastIndex Deprecated
ListBox.ListCount Deprecated
ListBox.ListIndex Deprecated
ListBox.RemoveRow Deprecated
ListBox.RowDepth Deprecated
ListBox.RowIsFolder Deprecated
ListBox.RowPicture Deprecated
ListBox.RowTag Deprecated
ListBox.ScrollBarHorizontal Deprecated
ListBox.ScrollBarVertical Deprecated
ListBox.SelCount Deprecated
ListBox.SelectionType Deprecated
ListBox.ShowDropIndicator Deprecated
ListBox.SortedColumn Deprecated
ListBox.Text Deprecated
ListBox.TextUnit Deprecated
ListBox.UseFocusRing Deprecated
LTrim Deprecated
MenuItem.AlternateMenuModifier Deprecated
MenuItem.Append Deprecated
MenuItem.AutoEnable Deprecated
MenuItem.Checked Deprecated
MenuItem.Insert Deprecated
MenuItem.Item Deprecated
MenuItem.Key Deprecated
MenuItem.KeyboardShortCut Deprecated
MenuItem.MacControlKey Deprecated
MenuItem.MacOptionKey Deprecated
MenuItem.MenuModifier Deprecated
MenuItem.PCAltKey Deprecated
MenuItem.Remove Deprecated
MenuItem.Text Deprecated
Microseconds Deprecated
MidB Deprecated
MoviePlayer.AutoResize Deprecated
MoviePlayer.Controller Deprecated
MoviePlayer.HasStep Deprecated
MoviePlayer.Looping Deprecated
MoviePlayer.MovieController Deprecated
MoviePlayer.Speaker Deprecated
MsgBox Deprecated
MSSQLServerDatabase.GetAffectedRows Deprecated
MySQLCommunityServer.GetAffectedRows Deprecated
MySQLCommunityServer.GetInsertID Deprecated
MySQLCommunityServer.SSLAuthorityDirectory Deprecated
MySQLCommunityServer.SSLMode Deprecated
Network.LookupDNSAddress Deprecated
NthField Deprecated
NthFieldB Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.GetConnectionAttribute Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.GetInfo Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.GetSQLTypeInfo Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.NextRecordSet Deprecated
ODBCDatabase.SetConnectionAttribute Deprecated
OpenDialog Deprecated
OpenDialog.Count Deprecated
OpenDialog.Item Deprecated
OpenDialog.MultiSelect Deprecated
OpenPrinter Deprecated
OpenPrinterDialog Deprecated
OpenURLMovie Deprecated
OS X (Carbon) and OS X (Cocoa) platforms in the Constant Editor Removed
Oval.BorderWidth Deprecated
PagePanel.Append Deprecated
PagePanel.Insert Deprecated
PagePanel.Remove Deprecated
PagePanel.Value Deprecated
Paragraph.Alignment Deprecated
Paragraph.EndPos Deprecated
Paragraph.StartPos Deprecated
ParseDate Deprecated
Picture.DebuggerMask Deprecated
Picture.GetData Deprecated
Picture.IndexedImage Deprecated
Picture.Mask Deprecated
Picture.Transparent Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.DeleteMessage Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.ListMessages Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.MessageCount Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.RetrieveLines Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.RetrieveMessage Deprecated
POP3SecureSocket.SendServerCommand Deprecated
PopupArrow.Facing Deprecated
PopupMenu.AddRows Deprecated
PopupMenu.DeleteAllRows Deprecated
PopupMenu.InsertRow Deprecated
PopupMenu.List Deprecated
PopupMenu.ListCount Deprecated
PopupMenu.ListIndex Deprecated
PopupMenu.RemoveRow Deprecated
PopupMenu.RowTag Deprecated
PopupMenu.Text Deprecated
PopupMenu.TextUnit Deprecated
PostgreSQLDatabase.Unlisten Deprecated
PreparedSQLStatement.SQLExecute Deprecated
PreparedSQLStatement.SQLSelect Deprecated
PrinterSetup.MaxHorizontalResolution Deprecated
PrinterSetup.MaxVerticalResolution Deprecated
PrinterSetup.PageSetupDialog Deprecated
PrinterSetup.SetupString Deprecated
ProgressBar.Maximum Deprecated
PushButton.ButtonStyle Deprecated
PushButton.Push Deprecated
PushButton.TextUnit Deprecated
RadioButton.TextUnit Deprecated
Range.EndPos Deprecated
Range.StartPos Deprecated
Readable.EOF Deprecated
Readable.ReadError Deprecated
Realbasic.Point Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Clone Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Constructor() Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Constructor(X as Integer, Y as Integer) Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Distance Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Offset Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.X Deprecated
Realbasic.Point.Y Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Bottom Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Center Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Clone Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Constructor() Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Constructor(X As Integer, Y As Integer, Width As Integer, Height As Integer) Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Contains Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Height Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.HorizontalCenter Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Intersection Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Intersects Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Left Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.LocalPoint Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.LocalRect Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Offset Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Origin Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Right Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Size Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.SplitHorizontal Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.SplitVertical Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Top Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Union Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.VerticalCenter Deprecated
Realbasic.Rect.Width Deprecated
Realbasic.Size Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Area Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Clone Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Constructor() Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Constructor(Width as Integer,Height as Integer) Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Height Deprecated
Realbasic.Size.Width Deprecated
RecordSet Deprecated
RecordSet.BOF Deprecated
RecordSet.Close Deprecated
RecordSet.ColumnType Deprecated
RecordSet.DeleteRecord Deprecated
RecordSet.Edit Deprecated
RecordSet.EOF Deprecated
RecordSet.Field Deprecated
RecordSet.FieldCount Deprecated
RecordSet.IdxField Deprecated
RecordSet.MoveFirst Deprecated
RecordSet.MoveLast Deprecated
RecordSet.MoveNext Deprecated
RecordSet.MovePrevious Deprecated
RecordSet.RecordCount Deprecated
RecordSet.Update Deprecated
RectControl.AutoDeactivate Deprecated
RectControl.HelpTag Deprecated
RectControl.TabStop Deprecated
Rem, //, ' Deprecated
Remove Deprecated
ReplaceAllB Deprecated
ReplaceB Deprecated
ReplaceLineEndings Deprecated
RGB Deprecated
RightB Deprecated
RoundRectangle.OvalHeight Deprecated
RoundRectangle.OvalWidth Deprecated
RTrim Deprecated
RuntimeException.CallStack Deprecated
SaveAsDialog Deprecated
Screen Method Deprecated
Screen.Depth Deprecated
ScreenCount Deprecated
Scrollbar.LiveScroll Deprecated
Scrollbar.Maximum Deprecated
Scrollbar.Minimum Deprecated
SegmentedControl Deprecated
SegmentedControl.Action Deprecated
SegmentedControl.Items Deprecated
SegmentedControl.MacControlStyle Deprecated
SegmentedControl.Segments Deprecated
SegmentedControl.SelectionType Deprecated
SegmentedControl.SizeToFit Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.Enabled Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.HelpTag Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.Icon Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.Selected Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.Title Deprecated
SegmentedControlItem.Width Deprecated
SelectColor Deprecated
SelectFolder Deprecated
Serial Deprecated
Serial.Baud Deprecated
Serial.Bits Deprecated
Serial.ClearBreak Deprecated
Serial.ClearToSend Deprecated
Serial.Close Deprecated
Serial.CTS Deprecated
Serial.DataAvailable Deprecated
Serial.DataCarrierDetect Deprecated
Serial.DataSetReady Deprecated
Serial.DataTerminalReady Deprecated
Serial.DTR Deprecated
Serial.Error Deprecated
Serial.Handle Deprecated
Serial.LastErrorCode Deprecated
Serial.LeaveDTROnClose Deprecated
Serial.LineChangeNotification Deprecated
Serial.LineStateChanged Deprecated
Serial.LookAhead Deprecated
Serial.Open Deprecated
Serial.Parity Deprecated
Serial.Poll Deprecated
Serial.ReadAll Deprecated
Serial.RequestToSend Deprecated
Serial.Reset Deprecated
Serial.RingIndicator Deprecated
Serial.SerialPort Deprecated
Serial.SetBreak Deprecated
Serial.Stop Deprecated
Serial.XmitWait Deprecated
Serial.XON Deprecated
SerialConnection.BytesLeftToSend Deprecated
SerialPort Deprecated
SerialPort.InputDriverName Deprecated
SerialPort.MaximumSpeed Deprecated
SerialPort.Name Deprecated
SerialPort.OutputDriverName Deprecated
SerialPort.RatedSpeed Deprecated
Shell.ErrorCode Deprecated
Shell.Mode Deprecated
Slider.LiveScroll Deprecated
Slider.Maximum Deprecated
Slider.Minimum Deprecated
Slider.TickStyle Deprecated
SMTPSecureSocket.DeleteAllMessages Deprecated
SMTPSecureSocket.SMTPConnectionMode Deprecated
SOAPException Deprecated
SOAPMethod Deprecated
SOAPResult Deprecated
SocketCore.LastErrorCode Deprecated
Speak Deprecated
SpecialFolder.GetResource Deprecated
SpecialFolder.Var => Use SpecialFolder.Variable Removed
SpecialFolder.VarLog => Use SpecialFolder.VariableLog Deprecated
Split Deprecated
SplitB Deprecated
SQLiteBLOB.EOF Deprecated
SQLiteBLOB.ReadError Deprecated
SQLiteBLOB.WriteError Deprecated
SQLiteDatabase.AttachDatabase Deprecated
SQLiteDatabase.CreateDatabaseFile Deprecated
SQLiteDatabase.DetachDatabase Deprecated
SQLiteDatabase.MultiUser Deprecated
SSLSocket.ConnectionType Deprecated
SSLSocket.Secure Deprecated
StrComp Deprecated
StringShape Deprecated
StringShape.Alignment Deprecated
StringShape.Bold Deprecated
StringShape.HorizontalAlignment Deprecated
StringShape.Italic Deprecated
StringShape.Text Deprecated
StringShape.TextFont Deprecated
StringShape.TextSize Deprecated
StringShape.TextUnit Deprecated
StringShape.Underline Deprecated
StringShape.VerticalAlignment Deprecated
StyledText.AppendStyleRun Deprecated
StyledText.Font Deprecated
StyledText.InsertStyleRun Deprecated
StyledText.ParagraphAlignment Deprecated
StyledText.RemoveStyleRun Deprecated
StyledTextPrinter.EOF Deprecated
StyleRun.Font Deprecated
StyleRun.Size Deprecated
System.GetNetworkInterface Deprecated
System.SerialPort Deprecated
System.SerialPortCount Deprecated
TabPanel.Append Deprecated
TabPanel.Caption Deprecated
TabPanel.TextFont Deprecated
TabPanel.TextSize Deprecated
TabPanel.TextUnit Deprecated
Task Deprecated
Task.UpdateUI event Deprecated
Task.UpdateUI method Deprecated
TextArea.LimitText Deprecated
TextArea.ScrollbarHorizontal Deprecated
TextArea.ScrollbarVertical Deprecated
TextArea.ScrollPosition Deprecated
TextArea.SelAlignment Deprecated
TextArea.SelBold Deprecated
TextArea.SelItalic Deprecated
TextArea.SelPlain Deprecated
TextArea.SelTextColor Deprecated
TextArea.SelTextFont Deprecated
TextArea.SelTextSize Deprecated
TextArea.SelUnderline Deprecated
TextArea.Styled Deprecated
TextColor Deprecated
TextEdit.AcceptTabs Deprecated
TextEdit.Alignment Deprecated
TextEdit.AppendText Deprecated
TextEdit.AutomaticallyCheckSpelling Deprecated
TextEdit.BackColor Deprecated
TextEdit.Border Deprecated
TextEdit.CharPosAtLineNum Deprecated
TextEdit.CharPosAtXY Deprecated
TextEdit.InsertionPosAtXY Deprecated
TextEdit.LineNumAtCharPos Deprecated
TextEdit.Mask Deprecated
TextEdit.ScrollPositionX Deprecated
TextEdit.SelLength Deprecated
TextEdit.SelStart Deprecated
TextEdit.SelText Deprecated
TextEdit.SetString Deprecated
TextEdit.TextFont Deprecated
TextEdit.TextSize Deprecated
TextEdit.TextUnit Deprecated
TextEdit.UseFocusRing Deprecated
TextField.CueText Deprecated
TextField.LimitText Deprecated
TextField.SelPlain Deprecated
TextFont property Deprecated
TextInputStream.Handle Deprecated
TextInputStream.LastErrorCode Deprecated
TextInputStream.PositionB Deprecated
TextOutputStream.Append Deprecated
TextOutputStream.Handle Deprecated
TextOutputStream.LastErrorCode Deprecated
TextSize property (controls) Deprecated
Thread.Kill Deprecated
Thread.Run method Deprecated
Thread.Suspend Deprecated
Ticks Deprecated
TickStyles Enumeration Deprecated
Timer.Mode Deprecated
Titlecase Deprecated
Toolbar.Append Deprecated
Toolbar.Insert Deprecated
Toolbar.Item Deprecated
Toolbar.Remove Deprecated
ToolButton Deprecated
ToolButton.DropDownMenu Deprecated
ToolButton.Icon Deprecated
ToolButton.Pushed Deprecated
ToolButton.Style Deprecated
ToolItem Deprecated
ToolItem.Caption Deprecated
ToolItem.Enabled Deprecated
ToolItem.HelpTag Deprecated
ToolItem.Name Deprecated
ToolItem.Tag Deprecated
ToolTip Deprecated
ToolTip.Hide Deprecated
ToolTip.Show Deprecated
TrayItem.HelpTag Deprecated
Ubound Deprecated
UpDownArrows.AcceptFocus Deprecated
Variant.DateValue Deprecated
Volume Deprecated
VolumeCount Deprecated
Window Method Deprecated
Window.CloseButton Deprecated
Window.ContentsChanged property Deprecated
Window.Frame Deprecated
Window.FullScreenButton Deprecated
Window.HasBackColor Deprecated
Window.MaxHeight Deprecated
Window.MaximizeButton Deprecated
Window.MaxWidth Deprecated
Window.MenuBarVisible Deprecated
Window.MinHeight Deprecated
Window.MinimizeButton Deprecated
Window.MinWidth Deprecated
Window.Placement Deprecated
WindowCount Deprecated
Writeable.WriteError Deprecated

2019 Release 1

Item Status
FolderItem.MacCreator Deprecated
FileType.MacCreator Deprecated
FileType.MacType Deprecated

2018 Release 4

Item Status
AddressBookContact.AIMScreenNames Deprecated
AddressBookContact.HomePage Deprecated
AddressBookContact.ICQNumbers Deprecated
AddressBookContact.JabberScreenNames Deprecated
AddressBookContact.MSNScreenNames Deprecated
AddressBookContact.YahooScreenNames Deprecated
All Xojo namespace classes and methods Deemphasized for non-iOS projects
Auto Deemphasized for non-iOS projects
Checkbox.DataField Deprecated
Checkbox.DataSource Deprecated
DataControl Deprecated
DatabaseQuery Deprecated
POP3Socket (use POP3SecureSocket) Deprecated
SMTPSocket (use SMTPSecureSocket) Deprecated
Label.DataField Deprecated
Label.DataSource Deprecated
ListBox.DataField Deprecated
ListBox.DataSource Deprecated
PopupMenu.DataField Deprecated
PopupMenu.DataSource Deprecated
TextEdit.DataField Deprecated
TextEdit.DataSource Deprecated
Text Deemphasized for non-iOS projects
VirtualVolume Deemphasized

2018 Release 3

Item Status
Canvas.Graphics - Use the Paint event and its graphics parameter for all drawing. Removed
Windows.Graphics - Use the Paint event and its graphics parameter for all drawing. Removed
macOS 10.9 support Removed

2018 Release 2

Item Status
BitwiseAnd (use Bitwise.BitAnd instead for 64-bit compatibility) Deprecated
BitwiseOr (use Bitwise.BitOr instead for 64-bit compatibility) Deprecated
BitwiseXor (use Bitwise.BitXor instead for 64-bit compatibility) Deprecated
iOSToolbutton.NewBordered Deprecated
macOS 32-bit builds Deprecated

2018 Release 1

Item Status
TargetWin32 (use TargetWindows instead) Deprecated
Internet Explorer 9 support for web apps Removed

2017 Release 3

Item Status
Internet Explorer 10 support for web apps Deprecated
macOS 10.9 Deprecated
Support for iOS 8 and iOS 9 apps Removed
32-bit IDEs Removed

2017 Release 2

Items Status
IDE on 32-bit Windows1 Deprecated
IDE on 32-bit Linux1 Deprecated
Window.LiveResize Deprecated
Window.MacProcID Deprecated
Support for iOS 8 apps Deprecated
Mac OS X 10.7 support Removed
Mac OS X 10.8 support Removed
SSLSocket ConnectionType: SSLv2, SSLv3, SSLv23 Removed
Linux GTK+ 2 support Removed
Xcode 7.x for iOS Removed

132-bit builds will remain available for some time. This deprecation is only for running the IDE itself.

2017 Release 1

Item Status
SSLv3 on Xojo Cloud servers with the intention of completely disabling August 1, 2017 Deprecated
Internet Explorer 9 support for web apps. Deprecated

2016 Release 4

Item Status
Application.UseGDIPlus. No longer needed with the switch to Direct2D/DirectWrite. Deprecated
GDI/GDI+ is no longer used by the Windows framework. While the Application.UseGDIPlus property does not cause a compilation error in this release, it is no longer relevant. Removed
WMF support Removed
NewPicture method. Use Picture constructors instead. Removed

2016 Release 2

Item Status
Windows Vista support Removed
Windows Server 2008 R1 support Removed
iOS 7 support Removed

2016 Release 1

Item Status
Mac OS X 10.7 support Deprecated
Mac OS X 10.8 support Deprecated

2015 Release 4

Item Status
Graphics.Pixel, use RGBSurface instead Deprecated

2015 Release 3

Item Status
WindowPtr (Use Window.Handle), Variant.WindowPtrValue, Variant.TypeWindowPtr Deprecated
Short (use Int16) Deprecated
Support for iOS 7 apps Deprecated
Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 support Deprecated
Inline68K constant Removed
Xojo no longer supports compiling for Windows XP Removed

2015 Release 2

Item Status
BinaryStream.ReadLong - Use data-type specific method instead Removed
ReadShort - Use data-type specific method instead Removed
ReadByte - Use data-type specific method instead Removed
WriteLong - Use data-type specific method instead Removed
WriteShort - Use data-type specific method instead Removed
WriteByte - Use data-type specific method instead Removed

2015 Release 1

Deprecations Removals
ComboBox.AddSeparator - which does not actually do anything on any platform Deprecated
TargetHasGUI Deprecated
TargetPPC Deprecated
TargetPowerPC Deprecated
TargetMacOSClassic Deprecated
Target68K Deprecated
Xojo IDE no longer supported on Windows XP Removed

2014 Release 1

Item Status
Xojo IDE no longer supported on Windows XP.  Deprecated
EditableMovie Removed
FolderItem.CreateMovie Removed
FolderItem.OpenEditableMovie Removed
GetQTCrossFadeEffect Removed
GetQTGraphicsExporter Removed
GetQTSMPTEEffect Removed
MoviePlayer.EditingEnabled Removed
MoviePlayer.PlaySelection Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRNode Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRPan Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRPanMix Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVBPanTiltSpeed Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRTilt Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRTiltMax Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRTiltMin Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRZoom Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRZoomMax Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRZoomMin Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRZoomSpeed Removed
MoviePlayer.Rate Removed
MoviePlayer.SelLength Removed
MoviePlayer.SelStart Removed
MoviePlayer.Clear Removed
MoviePlayer.Copy Removed
MoviePlayer.Cut Removed
MoviePlayer.Paste Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRHotSpotCount Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRHotSpotID Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRNodeTypeObject Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRNodeTypePanorama Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRTriggerHotSpot Removed
MoviePlayer.QTVRTriggerHotSpotNames Removed
MoviePlayer.Undo Removed
Plugins SDK: Functions and types relating to QuickTime have been removed from the SDK Removed
QT3DAudio Removed
QTEffect Removed
QTEffectSequence Removed
QTGraphicsExporter Removed
QTSoundTrack Removed
QTTrack Removed
QTUserData Removed
System.QuickTime Removed

2013 Release 4

Item Status
HTTPSecureSocket.DefaultPort Deprecated
System.QuickTime Deprecated
All QuickTime classes and related methods/properties Deprecated

2013 Release 1

Item Status
OS X Carbon builds Deprecated
SpecialFolder.AppleMenu Deprecated
DisableAutoWaitCursor pragma Deprecated
TextArea.Open Deprecated
TextArea.Save Deprecated
TextArea.SetTextAndStyle Deprecated
TextArea.TextStyleData Deprecated
WebFile.FileDownloadDelegate Deprecated
FolderItem.AbsolutePath (use FolderItem.NativePath instead) Deprecated
REALSQLdatabase (use SQLiteDatabase) Deprecated
BooleanProvider Removed
ListInterface Removed
StringInterface Removed
StringProvider Removed
DataAvailableProvider Removed
BindingInterface Removed
BindPartInterface Removed
ListDataProvider Removed
ListDataNotifier Removed
ListDataNotificationReceiver Removed
TupleInterface Removed
EnablingBinder Removed
ActionBinder Removed
StringBinder Removed
ListBinder Removed

2012 Release 2

Item Status
FolderItem.MacType Deprecated
RB3D Removed
ToolbarItem Removed
Sprite Surface Removed
System.Pixel Removed

2012 Release 1

Item Status
System.Keyscript Deprecated
System.Pixel Deprecated
Inline68K Deprecated
EditField (use TextField and TextArea) Removed
Constructors named after classes (use Constructor) Removed
Destructors named after classes (use Destructor) Removed
DatabaseRecord.GetIndString (use DatabaseRow.Column) Removed
FolderItem.SaveAsMactintoshPICT [sic] (use Picture.Save, with Format = Picture.SaveAsMacintoshPICT) Removed
FolderItem.SaveAsMactintoshRasterPICT [sic] (use Picture.Save, with Format = SaveAsMacintoshRasterPICT) Removed
FolderItem.CreateBinaryFile (use BinaryStream.Create) Removed
FolderItem.OpenAsBinaryFile (use BinaryStream.Open) Removed
Folderitem.OpenBinaryStream (use BinaryStream.Open) Removed
Folderitem.CreateBinaryStream (use BinaryStream.Create) Removed
FolderItem.OpenAsTextFile (use TextInputStream.Open) Removed
FolderItem.CreateTextFile (use TextOutputStream.Create) Removed
FolderItem.AppendToTextFile (use TextOutputStream.Append) Removed
BinaryStream.HandleTypeMacFileRefNum Removed
BinaryStream.HandleTypeMacFileSpecPointer Removed
ChasingArrows Removed
LittleArrows Removed
ContextualMenu Removed
NewAppleEvent Removed
Serial.Port (use SerialConnection)

2011 Release 4

Item Status
Canvas.Graphics Deprecated
Compiling for PowerPC and Universal Binary Removed
System.Pixel Deprecated
Window.Graphics Deprecated

2011 Release 3

Item Status
GetQTCrossFadeEffect Deprecated
GetQTGraphicsExporter Deprecated
GetQTSMPTEEffect Deprecated
QT3DAudio Deprecated
QTEffect Deprecated
QTEffectSequence Deprecated
QTGraphicsExporter Deprecated
QTSoundTrack Deprecated
QTTrack Deprecated
QTUserData Deprecated
QTVideoTrack Deprecated
PICT picture format deprecated by Apple Deprecated

2011 Release 2

Item Status
EditableMovie Deprecated

2011 Release 1

Item Status
FolderItem.DesktopFolder (use SpecialFolder.Desktop) Deprecated
FolderItem.TrashFolder (use SpecialFolder.Trash) Deprecated
FolderItem.SharedTrashFolder (use SpecialFolder.Trash) Deprecated
FolderItem.TemporaryFolder (use SpecialFolder.Temporary) Deprecated

2010 Release 5

Item Status
FolderItem.MacDirID Deprecated
FolderItem.MacVRefNum Deprecated

2010 Release 4

Item Status
StaticText control (use Label control) Deprecated

2010 Release 3

Item Status
FolderItem.OpenAsPicture (use Picture.Open) Deprecated
FolderItem.SaveAsPicture (use Picture.Save) Deprecated
NewAppleEvent (use AppleEvent constructor) Deprecated
NewAppleEventTarget (use AppleEventTarget.Create) Deprecated
NewMemoryBlock (use MemoryBlock constructor) Deprecated
NewPicture (use Picture constructor) Deprecated

2010 Release 1

Item Status
RectControl.NewDragItem (use DragItem constructor) Deprecated
Window.NewDragItem (use DragItem constructor) Deprecated

2009 Release 5

Item Status
FolderItem.AppendToTextFile (use TextOutputStream.Append) Deprecated
Minimum Mac OS is now OS X 10.4 Removed

2009 Release 3

Item Status
EditField (use TextField and TextArea) Deprecated
FolderItem.CreateBinaryFile (use BinaryStream.Create) Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenAsBinaryFile (use BinaryStream.Open) Deprecated

2008 Release 5

Item Status
ApplicationSupportFolder (use SpecialFolder.ApplicationData) Removed
DatabaseRecord.GetIndString (use DatabaseRecord.Column) Deprecated
DesktopFolder (use SpecialFolder.Desktop) Removed
DocumentsFolder (use SpecialFolder.Documents) Removed
FolderItem.CreateResourceFork Deprecated
FolderItem.OpenResourceMovie Deprecated
FolderItem.ResourceForkLength Deprecated
PreferencesFolder (use SpecialFolder.Preferences) Removed
ResourceFork Deprecated
SpecialFolder.ShutdownItems (no replacement) Removed
SpecialFolder.ControlPanels (no replacement) Removed
SystemFolder (use SpecialFolder.System) Removed
TemporaryFolder (use SpecialFolder.Temporary) Removed
TrashFolder (use SpecialFolder.Trash) Removed

2008 Release 4

Item Status
App.BalloonHelpVisible Removed
DebugDumpObjects Removed
FolderItem.SaveAsMactintoshPICT [sic] (use Picture.Save, with Format = Picture.SaveAsMacintoshPICT) Deprecated
FolderItem.SaveAsMactintoshRasterPICT [sic] (use Picture.Save, with Format = Picture.SaveAsMacintoshRasterPICT) Deprecated
MenuItem.BalloonHelp Removed
MenuItem.Bold Removed
MenuItem.DisabledBalloonHelp Removed
MenuItem.Italic Removed
MenuItem.Underline Removed
NewREALDatabaseOldFormat Removed
RectControl.BalloonHelp Removed
RectControl.DisabledBalloonHelp Removed
TabPanel.Facing property and associated constants Removed
Window.BalloonHelp Removed
Window.FloaterProcess Removed

2008 Release 3

Item Status
Serial.Port (use SerialConnection) Deprecated

2008 Release 2

Item Status
AppleMenuFolder (use SpecialFolder.AppleMenu) Removed
ChasingArrows Deprecated
ControlPanelsFolder (use SpecialFolder.ControlPanels, through 2008r4.2) Removed
Constructors named after classes (use Constructor) Deprecated
CSV Plugin (use third-party replacements) Removed
DebugDumpObjects Deprecated
Destructors named after classes (use Destructor) Deprecated
ExtensionsFolder (use SpecialFolder.Extensions) Removed
FontsFolder (use SpecialFolder.Fonts) Removed
NewREALDatabaseOldFormat Deprecated
NotePlayer Deemphasized
LittleArrows Deprecated
RB3D Deemphasized
ShutdownItemsFolder (use SpecialFolder.ShutdownItems, through 2008r4.2) Removed
StartupItemsFolder (use SpecialFolder.StartupItems) Removed
TabPanel.Facing property and associated constants Deprecated

2008 Release 1

Item Status
CSV Plugin Removed
NewAppleEvent (use AppleEvent constructor) Deprecated
PPPSocket Removed
SpriteSurface (try SuperSpriteSurface from TinRocket instead) Deprecated

Earlier Releases

Item Status
AddressBook Deemphasized
BinaryStream.ReadLong Deprecated
BinaryStream.ReadShort Deprecated
BinaryStream.ReadByte Deprecated
BinaryStream.WriteLong Deprecated
BinaryStream.WriteShort Deprecated
BinaryStream.WriteByte Deprecated
Clipboard.MacData (use RawData instead) (2005r1) Deprecated
Clipboard.MacDataAvailable (use RawDataAvailable instead) (2005r1) Deprecated
DBF plugin Deprecated
DragItem.MacData (use RawData instead) (2005r1) Deprecated
DragItem.MacDataAvailable (use RawDataAvailable instead) (2005r1) Deprecated
DTF plugin Deprecated
DBF Plugin Removed
DTF Plugin Removed
GameInputManager Deemphasized